Time: Kartak Sud Ekadashi
Festival description:
Vastra (Clothing): Golden zari’s, kulhe jod chandrika
Abhran: Diamonds

Abhyang is done. Shehara can also be offered to Shri Mastak (head). Sugarcane mandap is built (15 canes or as per capacity). If muhurta is of evening then mandap is built in the evening otherwise in the morning after Shringar. Sagamachi (type of stool) is placed in the mandap. Then God is seated on sagamachi.

UttetonituGovind nyakh nindra jagpitan |
Tvachhutpit Jagannath hyulipitam bhuvanprayam |
Tvarth supte Jagannath jagjag suptam bhavoddam |
Utthith chetrute sarvabhuttinochista Madhav |

This is to be said thrice. Panchamruth bath is done to Shaligramji. Poojan is done to Tulsiji & Kesari vastra are offered.

Pushti Elucidation:

The festival of Prabodhiniji is not the festival of Vrajleela. In the material world one day & one night form one day. But one ayan makes one day for gods (or one ahoratra). The day of gods begins from Prabodhini. Thats why on this day we wake up Thakorji by saying uttistha uttistha Govind. The prakar of seva is performed with the bhavna of Vraj but while doing pushti our Thakorji is not limited to Vrajleela. He becomes pushta with the bhavna of Brahma, Parmatma, Bhagwan, Krishna etc..Praman (Shruti) wakes up Pramey. If you wake up everything will be awake & if you sleep then everything else will sleep Gods wake up in their ahiratri) & is present in the idol also. In whatever form a being selects Parmatma as his Ishtadev, Parmatma becomes his in that form only. Same like we wear kanthi of Shri Mahaprabhuji so we have selected Krshna to be our Ishta dev & we therefore do not worship other God’s. It is not that we do not accept other Gods but the our dharma is of dependence on Shri Krshna. When we would surrender to Shri Krshna then only our faith in Him will evolve. That is the siddhant of Shri Mahaprabhuji. Because of this mystery we believe in Shri Thakorji & wake him up. It is not the Jagran (to remain awake) of Vraj but it is the jaagran of Prabodhini. When God of Vraj stays at our place & wakes up & sleeps everyday then what is the use of Prabodhini jaagran? There it is said that Prabodhinis jaagran is of the capacity of Gods i.e 6 months jaagran & 6 months sleep. In Vrajleela God has performed the sport of marriage with Shri Swaminiji thats why we arrange the marriage of Shri Thakorji alongwith the marriage of Tulsi & Shaligramji. Tulsi (Vrinda) has been forcibly accepted by Shri Thakorji as she had given curse to Shri Thakorji that he would turn into a stone & therefore God became Shaligram & therefore even during Brahmasambandh Tulsi comes. When God can accept it then even we should accept it as God likes it.