The history of Pushti Sampradaya is spread throughout India with respect to place, about 525 years with respect to time and millions of devotees chosen by God out of His grace to perform His seva with respect to Jivas (beings). The ancient Acharyas have traveled throughout the country for propagating the Sampradaya and took in their refuge many Pushti Jivas mainly in West India and motivated them to follow the path of Pushti Bhakti. We are proud of these ancient followers who by living devotional life in the difficult circumstances have given great dignity to the Sampradaya. We have included the events related to their life, the Sampradayik places, their episodes with the Acharyas etc. in this link from the ancient literature. We heartily wish that the visitor of the site studying and following this will make his life worthy of living.

Aacharya Personalities Poet Personalities
Shri Mahaprabhuji Shri Surdasji
Shri Gopinathiji Shri Parmananddasji
Shri Gusainji Shri Kumbhandasji
Shri Giridharji Shri Krishndasji
Shri Govindraiji
Shri Balkrishnaji
Shri Gokulnathji
Shri Raghunathji
Shri Yadunathji
Shri Ghanshyamji
Shri Kalyanraiji
Shri Dwarkeshji (Bhawnawala)
Shri Gopeshwarji
Shri Ramanlalji
Shri Vallabhji (Lekhwala)
Shri Dwarkeshji (Kotawala)
Shri Giridharji (Kashiwala)
Shri Hariraiji
Shri Purushottamcharan
Shri Ranchodlalji
Shri Goverdhanlalji (Tilkayat)
Shri Damodarlalji (Tilkayat)
Shri Yogi Gopeshwarji


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