Shri Giridharji Maharaj Kashiwala

Date of Birth:
V.S. 1847 Magshar Vad 3

He was from the vansh of Shri Yadunathji.

He was as much inclined towards seva as he was inclined towards studies. He has shifted Shri Mukundraiji from Nathdwara to Kashi. He had acquired Gurumantra which he gave to the Tilakayat at Nathdwara & got Guru Dakshina Shri Mukundraiji from there. He treated Shri Mukundraiji with all the royalties which he used to get in Nathdwara. He has written many Granthas explaining the tenets of the sect. His Shuddhadwait Martand is famous in the sect. Study of Sampradayik Vedanta starts from this Granth only.

He has written a commentary named Anubhashyas Vivran.
He has also written a commentary on Shri Bhagwat named Balbodhini.