We all know that the only media for contacting our Param Pujya Acharyas during their absence in this world are books, paintings and Hastakshar (Handwriting). Out of these three the original ‘Hastakshars’ are the closest ones by darshan of which we reach our Acharyas. Hence, we have thought it necessary to give the same on our site. The hastakshars are as holy and respectable as the personality. Such hastakshars are not available to vaishnavas at large this being rare and kept respectfully and secretly by those who have the possession. By having a darshan of the hastakshars we feel the presence of the personality before us and have sentiment of dedication in our heart.

We have an arrangement with necessary infrastructure to record and preserve the original Hastakshars. We appeal to all the visitors on the site to pass on any such rare Hastakshars of Pushtimargiya Acharyas to us for preservation.
  • Gokulanathaji Patra
  • Gopeshwaraji Rashmi
  • Gusaiji
  • Gusaiji Patra
  • Gusaiji Patra 2
  • Harirayaji
  • Lalubhattaji
  • Purushottamaji
  • Purushottamaji 2
  • Raghunathaji Bhansa
  • Vallabhacharyaji Telugu