Prapayo Bahulavanam lata jaalam samanvitam |
Tatra sved samayuktam vikshya sarvasakhijanam ||
Raag tu Meghmalharam jago vanshidharaha swayam |
Swayam sadhastu traiv vavrushu Megha ambukanamastatha ||

Gaay charavat Krshna ju tinme Bahula gaay |
Bhayao sutake naamso Bahulavan sarsaay ||

How to go to Bahulavan?
It is 5 miles away from Shantankund. Ganeshra village is 2 miles away. From there Fenchri village is 2 miles away. Bathi village is 1 mile away from here. This only is called Bahulavan. From Mathura directly it is 8 miles away.


Shri Mahaprabhuji’s Bethakji:
Shri Mahaprabhuji had stayed on Krshnakund under a Vad tree. He did Shri Bhagwat Parayan for three days here. Shri Mahaprabhuji’s Bethakji is situated here.


In ancient times, cows used to graze in Bahulavan. There came one lion. Cows started running on seeing the lion. But one cow that was very heavy could not run. Her name was Bahula. She requested the lion that her calf was hungry. She have come in the jungle since morning to graze. She promised that she would come soon after feeding him. Then you can eat me. She fulfilled her promise. She came back. Seeing her honesty, Dharmaraja who had come in the form of a lion gave her darshan and also blessed her that she would be prayed the most in the world.

The villagers came to know about this. Thus the importance of Bahula grew. Everybody started doing her pooja. After some time the cow died. The villagers made an idol of a cow made of stone above Krshnakund. People started worshipping that idol and used to offer grass, water etc. During the reign of Shri Mahaprabhuji, the Muslim subas of Vraj stopped this pooja. They said that if the idol of the cow can eat and drink like a living cow, then only we would allow to perform pooja of the idol. People became unhappy. Mahaprabhuji came to know about this when he visited this place. He called the suba. He kept the grass and water near the tail of the idol. The cow came to life and turned to the grass and water and consumed it. The Muslim Suba bowed to this. Worship of the cow started again. The Suba requested Shri Mahaprabhuji to take him in his refuge. Mahaprabhuji told that he could not come to his refuge in this birth (janam) as he had done the sin towards the cow. So he will take him in his refuge in his next birth. In his next birth, the Suba was born in Gokul in Machi family. His name was Meha Dhimar. He became the sevak of Shri Gusaiji. He had composed many padas. This illustration shows that we should never do the sin towards a cow.