Halt of the pilgrimage from Sanketvan is at Nandgaam.

While going from Sanketvan to Nandgaam first comes Rithaura. Here, Shri Gusaiji had stayed for three days and done Bhagwat Parayan.









Maherana, the native of Shri Nandraiji’s brother Abhinand is situated two miles away from Rithaura. It is the mother’s place of Shri Yashodaji as well as Shri Krishna.

Gendokhar Kund:
Moving ahead from here comes Gendokhar Kund. Here Shri Krshna used to play with ball.

Ahead from here is Vilaskund. Here Shri Krshna had done Shringaar of flowers to Shri Radhaji. Nearby is Saanskund. Ahead from here is Rohinimohini kund. Here Shri Krshna had taken the form of mohini and attracted Vrajvasis (people of Vraj).




Paan Sarovar:
It is situated in the outskirs of Nandgaam. The Sarovar (lake) is very big.











Shri Mahaprabhuji’s Bethak:
Mahaprabhuji;s Bethakji is situated on the banks of Paan Sarovar. When Shri Mahaprabhuji had visited this place, he had stayed here for six months. Uddhavji too stayed here for six months. Shri Mahaprabhuji had recited Shri Bhagwatji to Shri Nandraiji for six months.

Once, when Shri Mahaprabhuji was staying here, a Mughal officer came with his horse to the lake to make his horse drink water. When he was returning after drinking water, the horses’ stomach started aching and he started crawling on the ground with pain. Then he died there and immediate took Chaturbhuj form (divine form) and took a plane and went to Vaikunth. Shri Mahaprabhuji showed this miracle to his devotees with divine eyes.

That Moghul officer requested Shri Mahaprabhuji to take him in his refuge. Shri Mahaprabhuji told: Your acceptance will be in your next birth. Then the Moghul left his body. In next birth, he was born as Vasanji cobbler at Jamnagar. He became the divine servant (sevak) of Shri Gusaiji. Then according to the ordainment of Shri Gusaiji, he used to perform rituals like Brahmin and perform seva. The king of Jamnagar called him and asked: How can this happen? If Brahmin does bad deeds then he becomes Shudra. But Shudra never becomes Brahman. Buttermilk can be made from milk but milk cannot be made from buttermilk. Vasanji told: With grace of God even buttermilk can become milk. Then he covered a pot filled with buttermilk with his prasadi uparana (holy cloth) and requested Shri Gusaiji to become milk from buttermilk and it happened with the grace of Shri Gusaiji.

Nandgaam is the capital of Shri Nandraiji and the place of divine sports of Shri Thakorji. Because of the increased torture of Kamsa in Gokul, Shri Nandraiji shifted to Nandgaam taking the advice of his elder brother UpNandji.

The village is situated on a mountain. The parikrama of Nangaam is done on Bhadarva Sud Choth (fourth) and Kartak Sud Aatham (eighth). It is a two miles parikrama.






Other places to visit at Nandgaam:

Motikund comes on the way while going to Ter Kadamb. When Shri Vrushbhaanji engaged his daughter Shri Radhaji to Shri Krshna he had gifted one necklace of pearls. According to customs, Shri Nandraiji should also send an even expensive gift. Shri Krshna wore the necklace and came to Motikund. Then he broke the necklace and sowed one-one pearl in the soil. The he came home and told Nandbaba that he had sown pearls so now pearls will grow. Come I will show you. Then Shri Krshna showed small stems which had grown on which big bunches of pearls were hanging. That is why this place is called Motikund,

Shri Krshna used to pick pearls from here and make necklaces then gave them to cows and Vraj devotees. This is also one of the reasons for this place being called Motikund.

Here Shri Krshna had taken the form of a female friend and done the lila of picking flowers.

Ter Kadamb:
Shri Thakorji had started grazing cows here. Here he used to climb on the tree of kadamb here and then from the tunes of his flute used to give names to the cows. Here, Shri Thakorji used to eat Chaak and offer sweet balls (laddoos) to his cows.

Rupsanatans hut:
Once, Rup Sanatan a gaudiya-vaishnav, devotee of Shri Krshna wished to eat khir. Shri Radhaji brought khir in a golden vessel. covered with red cloth and told: Saint, take this khir, my mother has sent it. Rup Sanatan asked: You are whose daughter? Shri Radhaji replied: I am a daughter of an Aahir. My cow is running away, I will come afterwards and take the bowl. Rup Sanatan opened the cover and saw a golden bowl. He understood that Shri Radhaji had bestowed grace.

While going from Ter Kadamb to Nandgaam comes Aaskund. Mahadevji had been here with a wish to see Shri Krshna.

Uddhav Kyaari:
On the way to Uddhavkyaari comes Krshnakund, Jalvihar kund, Suraj kund and Jogiya kund. Ahead from here comes Jhagda kund (fighting kund). Here Shri Krshna had a fight with his friends. From here, comes Kuhak kund. Here the Gop balaks were afraid. From here, comes Levka kund. Here Shri Krshna had made his friends eat more and more mahaprasad by saying lev lev. From here, there is Bhandarbat. Here there was a huge godown of Shri Nandraiji.

Ahead from here, comes Akrurkund. Here, Akrurji had given the message of Kansa to Shri Nandraiji here. Here, there is a Bethakji of Akrurji also. From here comes Chirtalai,

Going ahead from here comes, Uddhavkund, Uddhav Kyaari and Uddhav kadambdi and Uddhavji’s bethak.

When small children do mischief ther mothers frighten them by saying haau will come. Similarly, Shri Yashodaji also used to scare child krshna by saying haau. This Haaubilaaus place is near Nandpokhar while goin ahead from Uddhavkyaari. Here, there is Yashodakund, Madhusudan kund, and below one umbrella are Shri Nandraiji’s bethak, Shri Yashodaji’s temple and Shri Baldevji’s Raschota.



Purnamassis temple:
While going from Nandgaam to Anjanokhar, there is a temple of Puran masiji, wife of Sage Shandilya, Purohit of Shri Nandraiji.

It is on the way from Nandgaam to Aanjanokhar. Out of the twelve vans (forests) this is the sixth. This is the forest of the girlfriend of Shri Baldevji. Here demon Shankhchud had scared cows and made them run away. That’s how this place got its name Khidarvan or Khadirvan. The name of the village is Khayro. Here, God had killed Bakasur. God was stressed after killing Bakasur. For relief, Vraj devotees did charan seva (pressed his legs) and put fans. That is why this village is called Khaayro. This village can be reached from Kaamvan also.

This is near Nangaam. Shri Thakorji;s kundal was lost here which the Gopis had found.

From Nandgaam the pilgrimage goes to Badibathein.

Hearing the tunes of Shri krishna’s flutes the gopis walked in the direction of sound and came near him. Shri Krshna welcomed them and then ordained: Go back to Vraj. Because such an order was given here, this place is called Jaavgaam.

Going ahead from Jaavgaam comes Krshnakund, Padarkund, Natkund, Kishorkund, Laxmikund etc. Shri Krshna became an actor (nat) and climbed on a buffalo, took the parts of the actor, and came to Barsana from Padarvan. He performed nat lila in front of Shri Radhaji. Shri Radhaji offered her Odhani (dupatta) as a gift. He wore that and showed her dance. Here he offered water to buffalos so this place is called Padarkund.






Kokilavan looks very beautiful because of dense trees and full of birds like peacocks, koyals. Shri Krshna matched his voice here with that of koyal’s that is why this place is called Kokilavan.

Shri Mahaprabhuji’s Bethak:
On Krshnakund, below the tree of chokar there is Shri Mahaprabhuji’s Bethakji. He had stayed here for one month. Here Chaturnaga, a saint of Nimbark sect used to stay. There were one thousand naked students of his. When Shri Mahaprabhuji was staying here everybody came to Shri Mahaprabhuji and said: You are a teacher with an opinion that Vishnu is the Swami. feed all our saints. Shri Mahaprabhuji accepted this request. He then told Shri Krshnadas Meghan to bring five litres of milk. Vasudevdas Chakda made khir out of it. After he brought it, he saw it with his eyes. Then it was filled in a pot.. All the one thousand saints were fed in that 5 litres khir but did not become less. Then with the order of Shri Mahaprabhuji the khir was filled in other vessel then it became less. Seeing this miracle, Chaturnaga told: Make me your divine servant to which Shri Mahaprabhuji told: My great grandson will accept you. Chaturnaga told: What is the guarantee of this body. Shri Mahaprabhuji told: Your life is of 150 years and now you are only 40 years old.

During the era of Shri Gokulnathji, grandson of Shri Mahaprabhuji a question of Mala-Tilak had raised. Shri Gokulnathji was going to Mathura. At that time, on the way he met Chaturnaga. Then, Shri Gokulnathji scolded him that he being a household does not remove his Mala and he being a saint removed it. You haven’t done right. On request of Chaturnaga, Shri Gokulnathji took him to hius refuge and offered him Mala. When Shri Gokulnathji went to Kashmir to meet Jehangir, at that time even Chaturnaga had accompanied him. Chaturnaga took samadhi at Govindkund near Jatipura. His samadhi is still there.

Pandav Ganga:
A little far from Kokilavan between the trees comes Pandav Ganga.