Shri Gopinathji

Great Bhagawadiya, Great Vaishnava Shri, Shri, Shri Vallabhacharyaji’s son Shrimad Gopinathacharya Goswami delivering religious lectures, is being honored by Gajapati Maharaj at Purushottam Kshetra (Jagannathpuri) by grant of Shiropa and Shirstran.

Purushottam (Jagannathpuri) was struck with a famine; Crops (cereals) did not grow. Water was not available. Many calamities started. Men began to eat human flesh. Nobody cared for anyone. A big disease (a disease similar to Haija) a type of which had never been spread previously spread throughout the town. At that time Guru Ramdas was the Guru of Badsanth Matha Mahashram of Bidanashi told Ramdas, you are a Guru and further asked “Will not the time change during your stay here?” At this time Gopinatha Acharya the eldest son and disciple of Shri Vallabhacharya arrived at Puri. He was a great fortunate personality. Every day He was applying on his body ointment of kasturi (Musk). The king was very much satisfied on hearing the news about the arrival of a very beautiful and Great Acharya Shri Gopinathji. The King arranged for His stay in Falahari Math and gave him some land as present. Then the king related to him the news of the great famine. All began to say he will certainly redeem us from the calamity. On calling the rains by Shri Gopinathji the rains began to shower. Humanity at large was pleased and satisfied. The disease Haija disappeared. The king was also very much satisfied and honored Shri Gopinathji by taking out a big procession of him to Purushottam Mandir (Jagannathji’s Mandir). They heard his speech on Vedanta. All were astonished (mystified) on hearing the recital of these religious scriptures.

The king was satisfied as the famine disappeared and good harvests followed. After staying for ten days Shri Gopinathji proceeded to Bahula Math. There he exhibited the Yoga Marga. Saints and sages arrived.

The king addressed Shri Gopinathji as Guru (Religious preceptor or Preacher). He replied “I am a vaishnava, How can I make a kshatriya as my disciple?” The king requested to accept some land and establish a Matha there. He replied we shall proceed to some other place as we are not interested in wealth. We have no purpose for money. Shri Gokulchand (God Krshna) has given us everything and what shall I do here by accepting your land? You may distribute the same amongst the Brahmins. Thereupon the king endowed him with cloth for Shiropa. (Head-dress a type of cloth) and moved him in a big procession in the whole town. Thereafter Shri Gopinathji proceeded towards the North. After His departure, there arrived Saint Sukhmayadas.