The phala of ‘Karmamarga’ is ‘Atmasukh’·
The phala of ‘Gyanmarga’ is ‘Akshar Sayujya’·

The phala ‘Shastriya Devta’ is liberation in the abode of that ‘Devata’ i.e. Salokyadi mukti in the abode of that ‘Devata’. Phala of Maryadabhakti of ‘Vishnu’ is liberation in the form of

The phala of Pushtibhakti i.e. Seva is

Aloukik Samarthya in supra capacity of the mind, body etc. It is sometimes equated to Sarvatmabhava. This is obtained during life on earth. It is also called ‘Tanunavatva’ in Yamunashtaka. Sayujya in to become one with the Lord.

Sevapyogideha Vaikunthadisu: This phala is obtained after the death where new body is obtained in the abode of the Lord. It is also called ‘Navtanutva’.

While talking about ‘phala’ of Pushtibhakta Pushtipravaha in the Maryade Shri Vallabhcharya says ‘Bhagwan ev hi phala sa yatha avirbhaved bhuvi’. The Lord Himself is the phala as He descends on the earth. He also says ‘ Kayena to phalam Pusto’. In Pushtimarg, phala is by the Swarup Himself.