About Us


  1. To revive the glorious portrait of Pushtimarg.
  2. To create an encyclopedia (complete) information of Pushtimarg.
  3. Son: Why Seva? Why Pushtimarg?? Why no Anyashray???
    Father: Dear, lets visithttps://www.pushtimarg.net & solve our queries.
  4. Conceptual understanding of philosophy of Pushtimarg.


The Objective of this website is to convey the Original Principles of Shri Mahaprabhuji, Shri Gopinathji, Shri Gusaiji and Their descendents who have made constant efforts to establish Divine Pushtimarg. At present by various corrupted media the glory of Pushtimarg and its Tenets is being diminished. We, the Team at www.pushtimarg.net are making our constant efforts to recreate the richness of Pushtimarg.

Why .net??

Mahaprabhuji did Bharat Parikrama thrice to convey his message of Pushti Bhakti Marg. Our duty is to reconvey this message through the fastest, penetrating & communicating media throughout the religious world.

Growth Plan:

We want to reach each & every vaishnava families across the world & establish Pushti Asmita in every vaishnava.


To utilize the talent of any vaishnava participant in our growth program in any of the facets.