Pushti Ashmita

pushtiashmitaIf we go back 100-150 years in the history of Pushti Bhakti Marg, we will be astonished to find what PUSHTI ASMITA (height of glory) Pushtimarg had achieved till then. This is reflected in the lifestyle of the Acharyas, the scholars and the followers of our Marg. We intend to give here the incidents that occurred in their lives to give the visitor of the site the idea about Pushti Asmita – Glory of Pushtimarg, the confidence, the individual follower of the Marg had gained by following the principles, and the height of love of the ‘Sevya Swaroop’ attained by the followers so that the visitor of the site will be inspired to read, to understand and to live Pushti Bhakti Marg.The episodes given are either from the recorded texts or from the stories of the vaishnavas or heard and preserved from generation to generation. The preaching from the episodes is more important than the authenticity of the episodes.

We will appreciate if such incidents known to anybody are passed to us, so that we can present here after proper scrutiny. We will be obliged if any suggestions with regards to the link and its contents to improve the site are sent.

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