Pushti Swadhyay

Dear Vaishnav,

In our Pushtimarg there are many Sahityas available to understand the tenets established by Shri Vallabhacharyaji. These Sahityas are available in many forms e.g. Granth (eBooks), Pravachan (audio & video), Kirtan etc. Since there is abundant of Sahitya sometimes it becomes difficult how to start and which Sahitya is applicable so as to acquire the proper understanding.

Here we are making an attempt to categorize the Sahityas not only to cater to different age groups but also based on the level of the individual.

To begin with following provides the Sahitya for the beginners

Sr. No Subject Type Overview URL
1 Praveshika eBook This book provides the basic conceptual knowledge of Pushtimarg. As the name suggest ‘Praveshika’, it actually narrates the guidelines to take entry into Pushtimarg. Download
2 Pushti-Pravesh eBook This book is a step ahead to Praveshika. It describes the duties of the Pusti-Jeev after getting entry in the Pushtimarg. Download
3 Pushti-Path eBook This book describes the duties of the Pusti-Jeev to live a life with Sevya-Prabhu in one’s own home. Download