TenetsWe may say that it is difficult, rather impossible, to find any parallel in any religion of the world, to Shri Vallabhacharya’s Pushti Bhakti Marg as far as the principles of philosophy, ultimate to be known, the ways and method of achieving the ultimate and finally to gain the ultimate in relation to Bhakti (devotion) and in relation to the devotee.

Shri Mahaprabhuji has kept in front of his mind the lowest capable devotee, the psychology of the devotee, the practicability of the Marg, the living conditions of the devotee and the ultimate to be achieved, has framed and propagated the unique Pushti Bhakti Marg.

One requires mainly to know the principle of Sakarbramhavaad and try to practice Krshna Seva with his mind, body and wealth as prescribed to experience the joy of Bhakti in his life.

We heartily wish that the visitor of the site with this knowledge of the principles of the sampradaya and will take refuge in Shri Mahaprabhuji and make his life devoted to Shri Krshna with his mind, body and action.

Vishishtrupam Vedarthaha Falam Prem Ch Sadhanam |
Tatsadhanam Navvidhabhaktihi Tatpratiyadika ||
Gita Sanksheptastasya Vata Swayam Abhud Harih |
Tadvistaro Bhagwatam Sarvanirnay Purvakam ||

Ekam Shastram Devkiputram Gitam |
Eko Devo Devkiputra Ev ||
Mantroapyekam Tasya Namani Yani |
Karmoyapyekam Tasya Devasya Seva ||


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