eBooks of Pushtimarg Granths

We are giving list of the books that are regularly being published at present. However, there is a very long list of the books which have been published in past and now are out of print. Nextly, in this age of computers, people prefer to refer to the computers for any information than have books in their shelves which they feel uncomfortable to take out and read. Here we have tried to make available these books at the click of a button which are either not available at all or not available at all places or which cannot be obtained easily.

This section will also help interested people of other sects to refer our philosophy or for making comparative studies.

  1. Viewers are requested to provide us the information of such rare books that they possess so as to enable us to try to make it available online which shall remain our constant endeavour.
  2. We hope that this will quench the thirst of those interested in reading material of our sect.


Sukhdham Books Click here To view List of books published on Pushtimarg(Note: We were unable to go through the texts of all books to verify the content whether they are according to ShriVallabhacharyaji’s tenets. We have just placed the information as received.)


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