Vraj, the place where Shri Krshna played his sport (leela) by manifesting himself in Saraswat Kalp, and the places where Shri Mahaprabhuji, Shri Gusaiji etc. traveled for preaching, propagating Pushti Sampradaya, known as Baithakji’s are main places of pilgrimage in Pushti Sampradaya. A follower of Pushti Sampradaya also visits the places of pilgrimage of Pouranik Sanatan Dharma knowing the related Mahatmya (importance) only and not for any other desires. To get the visitor of the site acquainted with these places of Pilgrimage and motivate him to visit them without disturbing his sentiment of Pushti Bhakti, we give below the details of the same.

We also plan to give the geographical and traveling information of the places of pilgrimage.

Oaths taken before the start of the yatra(tour):
In the start of the Vrajyatra, oaths are taken at Vishram Ghat near Shri Mahaprabhujis Bethakji in Mathura. In the beginning, Maharajshri bows to Shri Mahaprabhuji – Shri Yamunaji and takes permission. Then he takes oath from their pilgrimage purohit (the inheritors of Shri Ujagarji). Then he takes bath in Shri Yamunaji, offers milk to Shri Yamunaji, does puja, offers bhog and takes oath of Vrajyatra.

Thereafter, all the other travelers also take the oath from their Purohit Chaubaji, after offering milk, bhog to Shri Yamunaji. They bow down to Shri Mahaprabhuji, fill Zariji, offer bhog, do charnsparsh and take his permission. They offer donation to their Chaubajis as per their capacities.

It is very necessary to follow the rules with utmost faith during the yatra.

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Place of Pilgrimage