Time: 3rd day of bright Vaishakh.
Festival description:
Vastra (Clothing): White
Shringar: Light white pearl and chips.
Aarti Aarti picture

Pushti Elucidation:

The summer season (Grishmopcharkram) starts from this day. On this day chandan (sandalwood) paste is offered to Shri’s vapu (body). Use of rose water, kunja, fan etc starts from this day.

Sandalwood is used in a special manner on this day. This being summer season round balls of sandalwood paste are prepared and applied on different parts of Thakorji’s body.

Akshay Trutiya is the patotsav of Shrinathji i.e. the day when His Pranpratishtha (establishment) was performed. However, on that day Shrinathji went to devalaya from the house. Hence we do not celebrate this as a patotsav.


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