Daan Ekadashi

Time: Bhadarva Sud Ekadashi
Festival description
Vastra (Clothing): Pichvaai daanni comes in Saaj. Saffron or Koyli vastras are offered (In some homes even red are offered). Shringar of jadao mukut & manik are offered. Sweet & sour curd are specially offered (if possible in small pots)

Pushti Elucidation:

‘Daan’ means chungi not donation. Because of incarnation of Radhaji, there is a beginning of Atmarati in our life. Therefore, God says, “first you offer that atmaratis chungi to me”. This is the importance of the festival of ‘Daan’. This same thing is explained in “Siddhant Rahasya” Granth – “Tasmat adao sarva karya sarva vastu samarpanam”. If the first offering of atmarati is done to Shri Thakorji & if taken as prasad (left over of god). The relation of ‘samarpan’ & ‘daan’ is understood from this utsav. If we by ourselves offer or say something to God then it is ‘samarpan’ & if God forcefully makes us do that then it is ‘daan’. But God does that only when there is atmarati of Radhaji. If Atmarati appears in the heart then only God will accept ‘daan’ otherwise he will not accept it. As taking breath is necessary for survival, same way ‘Krshna Bhibhukta’ is necessary for Atmarati which comes through seva.