Time: Aso Sud Dasam
Festival description:
Vastra (Clothing): White Zari’s
Abhran: Manek’s On Shri Thakorji’s Mastak: Kulhe’s pair After Rajbhog tilak is offered to Shri Thakorji & kalgi of jowar is offered. Sword & dhal is offered in Shringar.
Aarti Aarti picture

Pushti Elucidation:

Rama had won over Ravana on Dassera. Ramas festival used to be celebrated in the house of Nandraiji. In that Krshna used to take part. Dasserra is celebrated with the bhavna of Nandalay. As there are many dimensions to a diamond, similarly there are many dimensions to this festival also. For e.g. When Rama killed Ravana, he was coroneted (rajyabhishek). Therefore this festival is also celebrated as the new year of Kshatriyas.In this festival padas of both Krshnaleela & Ramleela are sung.