Time: Kartak Sud Ashtami
Festival description:
Vastra (Clothing): Saaj & Vastra of red zari or Pichvaai with picture of cow
Shringar: Diamond crown with Gokarna

Evening bhog & Sandhya to be performed in bungalow. Pooja of cow to be done by kumkum in front of the swaroop. Dipmalika to be lighted in Shayan.

Pushti Elucidation:

Gopashtami Utsav is next to Annakut Utsav. This Utsav is totally related to Vrajleela.

Thakorji took birth in Vraj & also manifested himself in Gokul. Hence accepted for himself Gocharan i.e. cow grazing being the principle duty of the people of Gokul. This indicates the basic nature of Prabhu, just as Prabhu Shri Ram in Raghukul learnt the use of bow & arrow & also in teenage showed his liking of security of the subject of the kingdom. This is the proof that Bhagwan accepts the form & duty of the people of the place where he manifests himself. He performs the same with deep interest & concentration.

Our Thakur in the same way accepts & behaves as per our own system. He will act like Brahman in the house of a Brahman & shall perform the rights of Kshatriyas in the house of Kshatriyas. Accordingly Thakorji used to go daily for Gocharan in Vrajleela. Prabhu lives within the frame of harmony of the devotee & becomes harmonious with him then only it becomes Utsav. If Prabhu can harmonise with the devotee then the devotee can harmonize with Prabhu. If Prabhu does not harmonize with the bhakta the bhakta cannot with his own power harmonise with Prabhu.

Bhagwan’s manifestation is the manifestation of Anand & with that Anand i.e. bliss only he acts like us between us. We can give to Prabhu of our house the form according to our wish. He is ready to accept such form but the important point is that this is in proportion to the harmony we can add up. Well, if it is not possible to adopt his harmony at least we can try to live for Him& as His.

Gopashtami is the Utsav to become “For Him” & then “Harmonise with Him”.