Time: Bhadarva Sud Atham
Festival description:
Vastra (Clothing): Saaj & Shringar is done as it is done in Janmashtami. Abhyang is also performed. Abhran of Nupur, chudi, tanmaniya, nath etc are offered to Swaminiji.

Pushti Elucidation:

If we look at the message of Radhaashtami from Shri Mahaprabhujis point of view then there is a power (shakti) called ‘Radhas’ which is lower or greater than God & by this power only God resides in his dham. (Vyakhya of Trutiya Skandh Subodhiniji)

There are two things viz., power & powerful. For eg. If fire is powerful (shaktimaan) then its scorch is the power (shakti). God with his power called ‘Radhas’ does leela (raman) in his own dham. Radhaji speaks from the heart of any being that loves Krshna. Any being that is searching Krshna, a power called ‘Radha’ is working inside him. This joyful power is called ‘Radha’.

Radhaji was born first in Leela Kram & then when there were fifteen days left for one year after the birth of Radhaji , at that time God had born. In Varsha Rutu Kram, Radhasthami comes after Janmasthami. The demonstration of God’s eternal love (Atmaraman) is Raasleela (Sharad Poonam) then beej is Radhasthami. Utsav of Radhaji is a utsav of urge of the darshan of God within ourselves. The idolized form of this feeling (urge) is Radhaji. Shri Krshna is Parmatma from substantial (tattva) point of view & Radhaji is a form of Paarmatmik love (rati).