Time: Shravan Sud Poornima
Festival description:
Vastra (Clothing): Pink Vastra
Abhran: Diamonds Abhran come during morning at the time of Shringar can be offered (if there is good time (Shubh Muhurat)) & bhog as per capacity.

Pushti Elucidation:

Subhadraji has tied rakhi to Shri Thakorji in the same way as in the material world a sister ties rakhi to her brother. The loukik (worldly) practice which is considered to be aloukik (out of the world) & the practice that is famous in the material world, a relation is established with Bhagwatswaroop. Even the utsav bhog which is famous in the material world should be offered beautifully to God & should think that our birth has been successful. The marga of Shri Mahaprabhuji is full of eternal emotions (Bhavatmak). Therefore if seva is performed with the bhav of Vrajbhakta & with complete bhav of sharan to Shri Mahaprabhuji & Shri Gusaiji then it is falrup & aloukik experience of leela is also felt. There is no doubt about it.

Brahmins change their sacred thread (Janoi) on this day.