Rama Navami

Time: Chaitra Sud Navmi
Festival description
Vastra (Clothing): Kesari dhuriyo
Shringar: Red and green, Kesari jod kulhe on Shri Mastak
Saaj: Jardoji

Pushti Elucidation:

Rama Avtaar is known as Maryada Purushottam. Sthaayi bhaav (permanent /fixed temperament) is maryada (with limitations of shaastras). But at times it breaks those limitations and executes pushti (grace). As for eg. he ate ber fruit already tasted by his devotee Shabri. He killed Bali as parthi. Krshnaavtaar is known as Pushti Purshottam. Sthaayi bhaav is pushti but he at times accepts maryada under sanchaari bhaav. Rama wept for his father Dashrath. He wept for Sitaji. While Krshna is never quoted crying for any gopi or anybody. With all these, Thakorjis left foot is Pushti (love), dominated and right foot is maryada (mahatmyagnyaan – dominated) His eyes, ears etc appear likewise. Pushtibhakti is love, alongwith mahaatmyagnyaan. Rama + Krshna. But being love dominated Pushti Bhakti is always stuffed of Vrajleela. Rama leela appears only on Rama Navmi. Thakorji accepts our maryada (limitations) in seva. Jeev is not capable to act as per maryada of Thakorji. Vrajleela prevails in our daily seva routine, while four jayantis (birthdays of four deities) are included in occassional seva routine. Shri Mahaprabhuji has also given proper position to Mahaatmagnyaan in his principles.