Time: Ashad Sud Bij (Pushya Nakshatra)
Festival description:
Vastra (Clothing): White doriya with golden (sunehri) border
Abhran: Kulhe, jod of five and jadao (colored stones)
Aarti: Aarti picture

This is Maryadamargiya Utsav. In olden days, it was not easy to have a public temple in a village. According to old system, the Devta (deity) was believed to be the Devta of the whole village & all the inhabitants of the village were considered to be the subject (praja) of this Devta & everybody had a right to perform pooja in this temple. The temple had Vedang pathshala (school) dharmashala (inn) library, well, fields of its own. The yatra of the deity was celebrated in the village i.e. the deity of the temple used to come out in a procession in the village for darshan for the praja like a king.

Pushti Elucidation:

Once when Shri Gusaiji went to Shri Jagannath Puri he saw enthusiasm of the people there for the Utsav of Jagannathji on Rath Yatra day. So Shri Gusaiji thought we should also celebrate this type of Utsav in our Pushtimarg. In our Marg, Thakorji moves in Yatra in the house only i.e. from Nija Mandir to Tibari Chowk to Dolti Bari & back to Chowk. After the darshan of fourth bhog Shri Thakorji comes to Tibari. As our Thakorji is the king of our house, He is moving in our Doltibari.(Maiya main rath chad dolu, ghar ghar te sang bolungo)

Shri Mahaprabhuji left this world which is called Asurvyamoho Leela on this day. Meaning : The Asurs will feel that he has left & the daivi jeevas will always feel that He is still with us.