Snan Yatra

Time: Jeth Sud Poonam (Jeshta Nakshatra)
Festival description:
Vastra (Clothing): White with Kesari Border
Abhran: Pearls (Moti)
Aarti: Aarti picture

Snan Yatra is celebrated on the day of Jeshta Nakshatra. Previous day sathiya (swastik) is drawn on haldi (turmeric) chowk. Then water is filled in one handi (pot) variety of perfumed material such as kesar (saffron), tulsi, moghra (jasmine), rose etc are mixed with the water of the pot. Next day in the morning in Kamal chowk a parat is kept in which white cloth is put. “Adhivasan Jal” is kept besides that. After that performing achvan, pranaya, mantra is recited. Shri Thakorji is brought in the parag & Snan is performed with this water through shankh (conch shell).

Pushti Elucidation:

This is been celebrated as sport in water & boat sport as a part of Thakorjis leela. Shri Thakorjis sentimental play is not possible without Shri Yamunaji. Hence adhivasan is performed so that Shri Yamunaji comes there in Adhidevik form & Shri Thakorji has jalkrida in that adhidevik Yamunaji the next day.

Shankh: Shankh is the adhidevik form of water amongst Bhagwad Ayudh i.e. instruments. Hence the snan (bath) is performed with shankh.