Vaman Dwadashi

Time: Bhadarva Sud Dwadashi
Festival description
Vastra (Clothing): Vastra – Saffron. Five pairs of saffron kulhe are offered. Abhran of diamonds are offered. Abhyang is done to Thakorji. Birth takes place after lifting of Rajbhog. Shri Thakorji is offered bath with Panchamrut & Tilak is applied to Thakorji.

Pushti Elucidation:

This incarnation is for upliftment of the devotees. (Bhaktoddhararth). As it seems Baliraja took the form of Indra & incarnated to deceit. But Atmanivedan bhakti appeared from Baliraja. Therefore, God incarnated for devotees. This is the belief of this Utsav.