Vasant Panchmi

Time: Mahasud Panchmi
Festival description:
Vastra (Clothing): White malmal’s
Shringar: Light white pearl and chips.4 chandra’s simple katras or even Kulhe can come
Saaj: White
Abhran: Golden
Aarti: Aarti picture

Pushti Elucidation:

This Utsav is been celebrated since ancient times. The girl who used to win the beauty contest used to touch the feet to the tree of Ashok. That used to be called ‘Vasant puja’. That Vasantpujan is done by Thakorji & Swaminiji.

Preparations of Vasant should be done after offering Rajbhog. Below the dome (kalash) of Vasant make Ashtadal lotus & then keep the dome (kalash) on the swastik mark (sathiya) & fill sweet water. Keep a branch of dates (khajur) on that. Also keep Bor (fruit). Wrap the dome with white cloth. Decorate the saaj of Khel in the plate. Keep that plate on a chauki & place it near the dome of vasant. Decorate it with gulal, abil, rice, sandalwood. (offer bhog, lift bhog) & do adhivasan of Vasant after offering malaji & covering Uparna. Sprinkle kumkum on kalash & offer rice after that offer bhog of Vasant. After doing dhupdip (incense sticks), tulsi, shankhodak & lifting bhog perform aarti. Then perform the minute type of sport to God. From today onwards the kram of Khel begins.