Goswami Shri Dwarkeshji Maharaj Bhavnavala

Date of Birth:
V.S. 1751 Chaitra Sud 2

He was born in the house of Shri Chandramaji.

Special Features:
He was having knowledge of Bhavna & Jyotish Shastra.

He had equal knowledge of bhavna as well as Jyotish Shastra & had written descriptive padas on both of them for which he is popular as “Bhavnawala”. The Granth from which he has become popular as “Bhavnawala” is famous in the sect. Shri Chandramaji was Thakorji of Shri Narayandasji who was a bachelor so He had a staunch feeling of being a bachelor. This feeling was born at the time of Shri Dwarkeshji Bhavnawala. Shri Dwarkeshji seated the idol of Shri Swaminiji besides Shri Chandramaji & the same day Shri Swaminiji’s idol was stolen. At that time he ordained that it seems that a bachelors Thakorji also wants to be a bachelor. But the kaustubh diamond is left behind so surely will return. When he sent his persons everywhere he found a Vrajwasi performing seva in his hut. Then after settling with him, he again seated Shri Chandramaji. His Mulpurush Dhol gives a feeling of Shri Vallabh’s dynasty. His literature is useful for performing seva.

He has written padas on Leela, vadhai and Swaroop bhavna etc.