Goswami Shri Gopeshwarji Maharaj

Date of Birth:
V.S. 1648 Jeth Sud 14.

He happens to be the younger brother of Shri Hariraiji.

When Shri Hariraiji came to Khimnor to experience the saga of separation, thereafter he used to help in Shri Vitthalnathji’s Seva. When he did Leela, he was in a shock because earlier he could hear the happiness of God, but then he could not. Earlier he used to be so much engrossed in seva that he used to keep the Shiksha Patras sent by Shri Hariraiji in one purse. Then in sutak when the seva could not be performed, at that time he started reading the Shiksha Patras. After reading that he was very relaxed. He liked the Patras so much that he wrote commentaries on that patras in Vraj language. Today these commentaries are read as Bhagwad stories everywhere.