Goswami Shri Ramanlalji

Date of Birth & Place:
V.S. 1904/5, Kartak vad 1 at Mathura.

Left the world:
V.S. 1980

This great personality was born in the lineage of the sixth son of Prabhucharan Shri Yadunathji. Shri Purushottamji was born in the vansh of Shri Yadunathji in V.S. 1806. He was a great poet. So he was popularly known as Khyalwala. He did 16 kirtans of Vanyatra and rehabilitate the village of Gokul. He used to go on Vrajyatra every year. He was born in 1879 Posh vad 9. His son is this Shri Ramanlalji Maharaj.

Shri Raniji were His vahuji. He had four sons.

He accepted the opinion of Shri Gokulnathji and accepted bharuchi adarsh. He was a scholar and equally a great poet and a devotee. His Marjad (a kind of lifestyle) was very strict. If any item was to be offered to God, then first he used to purify it in the holy water of Shri Yamunaji. Entire gunny bags of sugar, containers of ghee etc. everything used to be first purified in Shri Yamunaji and then offered to God. He had performed a Pravachan in the year 1964 depicting his principles.

His main place is Raman Vilas in Mathura.

Rasrasik Sangrah. In that he has given many chhaps of Nijdasi, Nijjan, Vihari, Vrindavan, etc.

His Gokuleshaakhyan has been made available by Shuddhadvaita Sansad.