Goswami Shri Vallabhji Maharaj Lekhwala

Date of Birth:
V.S. 1703 Shravan Vad 14.

Special Features:
He was popularly know as ‘Kaka Vallabhji’.

He has written a commentary on Shri Subodhiniji called “Lekh”. Therefore he is famous as Lekhwala. Like Goswami Shri Dwarkeshji whose bhavna’s padas of seven swaroops are famous, similarly he also has made such famous padas. In that he has not written his name but written Das in the end. These padas are given in the last vachnamruts of Shri Girdharlalji Maharajshri’s 120 vachnamrut.


Commentary on Shri Subodhiniji called Lekh