Shri Gokulnathji

Date of Birth:
The seventh day of the bright fortnight of the month Margshirha in V.S.1608.

Left the world:
Left the earth after being on the earth for 89 years, 2 months and 9 days.

He was the fourth son of Shri Vitthalnathji.

Different aspects of personalities:

As a Guru:
He always tried to protect the sect from the evil. He managed to convince Baadshah Jehangir who had ordered Vaishnavas to remove their Mala & Tilaka. He with his thorough wisdom was able to do it.

His nickname was ‘Vallabha’.

Once Badshah Jahangir, provoked by an arrogant and envious Sanyasi named Chidrup, commanded Vaishnavas to remove Mala (Sacred thread with Tulasi wood) & Tilak (a mark on the forehead). This brutal order badly hurt religious feelings of the Vaishnavas. When Shri Gokulnathji came to know this, he made up his mind to find way to come out of this tyrannical situation.

Committed Vaishnavas refused to remove Mala from their neck since it was as important as their life. Devabhai, a disciple of Shri Gokulanathaji, was truly devoted and last to lose patience. He was quite stable and patient even at the time when he was about to be crushed under the leg of an elephant for not removing Mala-Tilak. By God’s grace, the elephant couldn’t approach him. On the contrary it destroyed many enemies on way back. The opposition, somehow, understood the greatness of the religion. Lord Krshna has said in Geeta 2/ 40 “Even a little truth of religion saves from the biggest trouble”.

In 1675 on way back to Agra a meeting of Shri Gokulnathji with Badshah was held at Sikri. Badshah regretted for his commandment after seeing the generous attitude of Shri Gokulnathji.

Chidrup came to Mathura to continue his evil deeds. There he happened to meet Shri Gokuleshji. He was spell bound to see him. Shri Gokulanathaji answered his questions fighting fit and clarified the importance of Mala-Tilak to Vaishnavas. Though Chidrup was answerless, he insisted on his view. Shri Gokulanathaji left the place showing readiness to deal with the Badshah.

Shri Gokulnathji traveled from Gokul to Kashmir, which was too tough (nearly 1500 KM) at the age of 70 years. It took 91 days. It, indeed, indicates his extreme love to his religion. He had faced too many obstacles on the way but his mission was to find out a peaceful solution to the issue of Mala-Tilak.

Ultimately he showed readiness to Badshah even to leave Gokul for protection of his religion. Badshah agreed. Gokuleshji also convinced to put up at Soramji. Later on Badshah fell sick. Many evil deeds of Chidrup came to the light. Badshah knew the truth that Chidrup was hypocrite. He lifted his brutal order and permitted Shri Gokulanathaji to dwell in Gokul. This is how the dispute ended.

Post Balya Avastha:
He was an eminent scholar of Shuddhadvaita-Pushti-bhakti-Sampradaya. He, the greatly capable protector of the sect His 78 disciples also left the world immediately on hearing about his death.


His works are:

  • Commentary on Shodashgrantha:
    Siddhantamuktavali, Pushtipravahamaryada, Siddhantarahasya, (Purushottamasiddhanta-vivrti) Antahkaranaprabodha, Bhaktivardhini, Sannyasanirnaya.
  • Commentary on initiation Mantra
  • Commentary on Sarvottama-stotra
  • Commentary on Guptarasa(!)
  • Commentary on “Asmat Kul Nishkalankam” Shloka
  • Commentary on Shri Vallabhashtak
  • Commentary on Madhurashtakam
  • Utsavanirnaya
  • Bhava-rasayanam (!)
  • Various Stotra
  • Literature on Bhav
  • Characterization of 84 & 252 Vaishnavas
  • Nija-varta of Shri Vallabhacharya
  • Seva Bhavana etc.

Pushti Bhakti Prachar:
He had the knowledge of the secret formula of making the dead alive. However he had never shown that power commonly. He had initiated very few persons. It is said that all of them went to the abode of Shri Krshna immediately after obtaining initiation.