Tilkayat Shri Goverdhanlalji Maharaj

Date of Birth:
V.S. 1919, Shravan vad 11

Special Features :
He was a great scholar and inclined towards performing seva. Literature and music were his two special hobbies.

Ni. Li. Tilkayit Go. Shri Goverdhanlalji’s fame is well known in the whole Sampradaya. His insistence was on both seva and smaran (remembrance). He regularly recited Subodhiniji till he was alive. Vaishnavas too were allowed to visit freely. Go Va Shighra Kavi Pandit Nandkishorji, Go Va Devrishi Pandit Ramnath Shastriji etc were escorted by him. Fair amount was spent by Knowledge department on publishing of Granths and organizing sectorial examinations.