Yogi Shri Gopeshwarji

Date of Birth:
5th day of the bright half of the month Jyestha in 1836.(A.D. 1780)

Left the World:
He left the earth in A.D. 1830

He was from the generation of the second son of Shri Vitthalanatha-prabhucharana.

Post Balya Avastha:
His name comes on the top among the knowledgeable Acharyas after Shri Purushottamji.

Shri Ichharam Bhattji by whom poet of Gujarat Shri Dayarambhai acquired knowledge of Pushti sect used to go to Shri Gopeshwarji to study Anu-bhashya.

His routine was mystic. He avoided unnecessary talks. That is why his nickname was ‘Yogi’.

He was honored in the learned world as (Sarvagna) knower of all’ & as one ‘who experienced or realized God in his heart’. He was a master scholar of his time- not that he was conversant with all the Shastras, but studied them well.


  • Rashmi’ Commentary on Anubhashya of Shri Vallabhacharya
  • ‘Bubhutsubodhika’ Commentary on Subodhini of Shri Vallabhacharya
  • Vaada-grantha
  • Bhaktimartanda
  • Adhikaranamala
  • Bhashya on Upanishadas
  • Bhaktiratna-tika
  • Commentary on Shodashgrantha
  • Bhaktivardhini
  • Sannyasanirnaya
  • Commentary on Mimamsa Sutra.
  • Commentary called ‘Navarthi’ on Taitiriya Samhita of Krshna Yajurved.