Apsara Kund

Aaye Apsara Kund Pe Sakhan Sahit Harirai |
Gopin Kou Gayan Sunyou Manmein Ati Sukh Paay ||

Going ahead from Puchri, comes the darshan of Navalkund & NavalBihariji. Apsarakund & darshan of ApsaraBihariji are near Navalkund. When Indra did Govindabhishek of Shri Thakorji, at that time, Apsaras who had come from heaven performed dance here. For this reason, this Kund is called Apsara Kund.

There is a small temple of Puchris Lotha near Puchri. When Shri Thakorji lifted Giriraj, one strong Gop who is called Lotha in Vrajbhasha, was sitting on this end of the mountain. He was not getting up. Shri Krshna appreciated his strength & promised that he would be worshipped in this place. Then he got up. His Devmandir is situated here. He is also called a regional God in this region. Bhagwan said that he is his very good friend, since then he treated Bhagwan as his younger brother.

Gopijanas had come here to search Shri Thakorji when He disappeared from Rasa. They wanted to go ahead to search for Him. At that time, they saw Lothaji sitting here. They considered him to be the big brother of their lover Shri Krshna. So to mark his repect, they all pulled their ghunghats. Nobody dared to cross & go ahead of him. All of them started whispering into each others ears “Puch ri, Puch ri ” means that you ask him whether He has seen Shri Krshna. Everybody was telling each other to ask as none of them dared to ask him individually. This is one of the reasons why this place is called “Puchri”.

Many vaishnavas believe that the name of this place is Puchri because Shri Girirajji is a form of cow whose Head (mastak) is in Mansi Ganga, Face (mukh) is in Sundershila inJatipura & tail (puchdi) is here.

One well was to be dug near a hinsan tree with the money of one vaishnav. Shri Krshnadas who was the supervisor of the same fell into the well & became a spirit & stayed on a banyan tree nearby. Krshnadas called Gopinathddas & told him to request Shri Gusaiji that he had committed a great offence. Shrinathji is giving him darshan but not relieving him. He also told him to dig one place near the tree of mango to find 100 gold coins. He told him to complete the work of the well from that money so that he is relieved from the loan of the vaishnav. Shri Gusaiji being very generous did accordingly. Then Krshnadas went to the abode of external leela.