Sunhera’s Kadambkhandi:
Near Panihari kund, amongs the groove of trees of Kadamb many courtyards are formed. It is also called Sunhera’s Kadambkhandi.




Chitra – Vichitra Sheela:
Moving ahead from Sunhera’s Kadamkhandi, this Sheela is situated below one umbrella on a hill. It is said that Shri Swaminiji used to sit here after doing maan, at that time she had painted the trees of Vraj with the colour of her fresh mehandi. Shri Thakorji had painted pictures on the Vichitra Sheela nearby.

After climbing down from the mountain and moving ahead comes the darshan of Maneksheela and Dehkund. Shri Thakorji’s flute’s darshan can be done on Dehkund. Once when Shri Thakorji was coming here along with Shri Swaminiji a Brahmin requested: Maharaj, give me something. Shri Thakorji replied: I do not have anything except this lady. You can take her. Brahman said: I cant maintain even myself, What will I do by taking this lady? At that time, Shri Thakorji asked Shri Swaminiji as to what to do? She asked him to do whatever he pleased. Then, Shri Thakorji gave him gold equal to the weight of Shri Radhaji. Thats why this kund is called Dehkund.

In the Puranas, the story regarding this kund is that once Shri Thakorji and Baldevji along with friends came to Gendokhar playing with ball. There Shri Radhaji signalled Shri Thakorji from her field. Shri Thakorji came to Lalitaji, Lalitaji was taking bath in Dehkund. Shri Radhaji too came there. Shri Radhaji asked Lalitaji to give a gift (donation/daan). So Shri Lalitaji gave her gold ornaments to Shri Thakorji. Then, Shri Thakorji asked for a gift from Shri Radhaji. Shri Radhaji offered her mind, body and wealth to Shri Thakorji and said: I cannot live without you even for a second. At that time Shri Thakorji ordained: My small form will always be in your eyes. You will be able to see me whenever you wish to. Thus, the exchange of bodies between God and devotee took place here because of which this place is called Dehkund.

Uncho Gaam:
Going ahead from here, on one hill comes a village called Uncho Gaam. Many people introduce this place as the birth place of Shri Lalitaji.










From going to Barsana from Uncho gaam, this place is left on one side. Badrola Kund is situated here. It is the village of the servant named Badrola who used to make curd at Shri Vrushbhanji’s place.


Braj Chorasi Kos mein, Chaar Gaav Nijdhaam,
Brundavan Aru Madhupuri, Barsano Nandgaam.

Barsana is also considered as one of the main places of Vrajmandal. The word Barsana is depicted from the word ‘Bruhatsanu’. Bruhat Sanu means big mountain. Bruhat sanu is abbreviated as Bruh sanu which was further abbreviated as Barsana. As per another opinion, it was the capital of Shri Vrushbhanji. So it got its name from the name of Shri Vrushbhanji. In Vedas, three Gods are seated in the form of three mountains. Vishnu in the form of Goverdhan, Mahadevji in the form of the mountain at Nandgaam and Brahmaji in the form of Barsana. This entire village of Barsana is situated on a mountain. Vilasgadh, Daangadh and Maangadh are located nearby. There is a big temple of Shri Radhaji on the mountain. Brahmaji are situated near its doors. There are four peaks of this mountain because Brahmaji has four faces.



Shri Radhaji’s temple:
Here, there is a big temple of Shri Radhaji which is also called as Ladiliji’s apartment (bhavan).





Places to visit at Barsana
Bhanokhar, Kirtikund, Raabdi Kund, Paavdi Kund, Bethak of Raawaljogini, Tilak kund, Mor kund, Lalita Kund, Vishakha Kund, Jalbihar Kund, Dohani Kund, Mohani Kund, Gahvar Van, in that Shri krshna Kund, Shri Mahaprabhuji’s Bethak, Morkuti, Maangadh, Daangadh, Vilas gadh, Temple built by the King of Jaipur, Shri Radhikaji’s palace, Mahibhanji’s darshan, Shri Vrushbhaanji and Shri Kirtiji’s darshan, Ashta sakhi’s darshan, Shri Laxmi Bihariji’s darshan etc…

Ukhar means lake. The name of this kund attached with the name of Shri Vrushbhaanji was called Vrushbhaansur which was abbreviated as Bhaanokhar.




Here the cows of Shri Nandraiji used to be milked. Once, Shri Yashodaji had come here with Shri krshna to milk the cows. At that time Shri Radhaji also came here while playing with her friends. Then, Shri Yashodaji did her make up and seated her besides her and asked for a vardaan (gift) from God that she used be engaged with her son Kanaiya (Krshna).

Here there was a Gaushala of Shri Vrushbhaanji’s cows. Once, Shri Radhaji was milking cows here when Shri krshna came here in the form of her friend and told: You dont even know how to milk cows? Give, I will milk them. Seeing her expertise, Shri Radhaji requested: Teach me also how to milk cows and she seated next to her. Shri Krshna said: Ok you milk two and I will milk two, you see how I milk and then do exactly I do it. This leela(divine sport) took place on Dohanikund.

Nauvaari-Chauvaari Devi:
There is a village called Kabhaaro, three miles away from Barsana. It is the village of Champaklata sakhi. Here, there is Suryakund. Champaklata sakhi used to pray sun here. God sun had given her a necklace made of gems after being pleased with her. Once, Shri Radhaji visited the house of Champaklataji. She gifted this necklace to Shri Radhaji. Shri Radhaji came walking to the residence of Nauvaari – Chauvaari. These two sakhis used to pick up cowdung at Shri Vrushbhaanji’s place. Both were very pleased on seeing Shri Radhaji. After offering food to Shri Radhaji and playing with dolls, Shri Radhaji came to Barsana. These sakhis are prayed like goddesses here.

On the way, Shri Radhaji thought that what will she tell her parents about the necklace. They will ask: Who gave you this necklace? What will I answer? Thinking this she broke the necklace and started throwing the gems in the Kund nearby. When she came back home, she saw Shri Vrushbhaanji in some tension. She asked: what happened? At that time, Shri Vrushbhaanji told her that he had sent the invitation card of her wedding along with a necklace of pearls to Shri Nandraiji’s place and a bucket full of pearls have come from there. Now what should I send? Shri Radhaji told: Bawa, there is a kund full of gems in your place. You take out 3-4 buckets from that and send them. Shri Vrushbhaanji said: Mad, where is such a Kund at our place. To this, Shri Radhaji said:Come, I will show you. She came to this kund alongwith Shri Vrushbhaanji and showed him. Shri Vrushbhaanji was surprised on seeing this and thus realized the divine form of Shri Radhaji. He sent four buckets full of pearls to Shri Nandraiji’s place. The Kund from which the gems were found is called Ratnakund.

In Barsana, the way from Shri Ladiliji’s temple to Kund is full of groove of trees. There are trees from which even the sunlight cannot pass. This forest is very beautiful. It is the regular place of performing rasa for Shri Thakorji and Shri Radhaji. This place is known as Gehvarvan.

This beautiful place is situated in Gehvarvan. Here, Shri Krshna had performed Madhunrutya (dance) to please Shri Radhaji. That is why this place is called Morkuti.










Shri Mahaprabhuji’s Bethak:
Krishna Kund is situated in Gehvarvan. It is also known as Gehvarganga. Here, there are temples of Shri SaakshiGopal and Shri Gopal. Going ahead from here on the highway there is Shri Mahaprabhuji’s Bethak. Shri Mahaprabhuji had done Bhagwat Parayan for seven days here. Once he came with his divine servants to see this forest, on the way a python was lying and many ants were biting him. He was experiencing a lot of pain. Then Shri Mahaprabhuji sprinkled some water on them and relieved both the python and the ants. Then Shri Mahaprabhuji ordained his sevaks that the python was a saint in his previous birth. But for some personal benefits he made his disciples and collected money from them and did not relieve them of anything. So in this age, he became a python and to take revenge from him his sevaks became the ants.

Daangadh, Saankhri Khor:
Here Shri Thakorji had danced for curd and did daanleela. Here, there is Daanibihariji’s tample, Daangangakund, Rasachotra and place of Hindola.











Here there is a Vilas temple of Yugal swaroop. To do its darshan, Brahmaji had stayed here taking the form of mountain.










Maangadh is on the opposite mountain of Daangadh. It is also known as Maan mandir. Once Shri Radhaji had performed gaadh maan here. At that time, Shri Thakorji took the form of a peacock and pleased Shri Radhaji.









On the backside of Barsana village, near Krshna Kund there is a village of Chitralekha sakhi. It is said that at that time Shri Radhaji’s painting school was also there. So the village is called Chiksouli. Here, saanjhi is done in a very beautiful way. Here, Shri Krshna used to graze cows with his friends. Once, he had stolen peas from one of the fields of a cowgirl.









Shri Radhaji’s temple:
It is the main temple of Barsana. Here, everyone calls Radhaji as Ladiliji. A bit of Barsana is on hill and some on plain. One can reach Shri Radhaji’s temple after climbing 200 steps. Temple is very big and scenic.


Barsana’s Holi:
In Barsana there is Latthamaar holi on Fagun sud Aatham, Navam and Dasham. Thousands of tourists from outside come to see this.

Karhala can be reached from here. Rasalila began from this place.





Shri Mahaprabhuji’s Bethak:
It is said that Shrinathji accompanied Shri Mahaprabhuji here.

Shri Gusaiji’s Bethak:
Here, Shri Gusaiji had written a commentary named Tippaniji on Raaspanchadhyayi’s Subodhiniji. Once, in Raasoli, Shri Gusaiji offered a garland of flowers to Shri Lalitaji, at that time Shri Lalitaji took it in her hand instead of wearing in the neck. In the evening, Shri Gusaiji came here for darshan, at that time Shri Lalitaji told: I had offered your garland to Shri Swaminiji. Then she made it prasadi (divine left over) and asked me to hand it over to you. Shri Gusaiji then wore the garland in his neck. By this, Shri Lalitaji was very pleased.

Shri Gokulnathji’s Bethak:
Here, Shri Gokulnathji had preached-written commentary on Venugit’s Subodhiniji

Premsarovar is 1.5 miles away from Barsana. Sanketvan is 1.5 miles away from here. Sanketvan is totally 3 miles away.

Pili Pokhar:
When the pilgrim moves from Barsana to Sanketvan, it takes halt at Pili Pokhar on the way from Barsana. Here, pithi (yellow powder) was rubbed on Shri Radhaji when her wedding took place. Then Shri Radhaji took bath here because of which the water became yellow here. That is why this place is called Pilipokhar. In Sanskrit, a small lake is called Pushkarini which is abbreviated to Pokhar.

Saankdikhor comes while going from Barsana to Pili Pokhar. Here, there is a narrow road between nearby mountains. On the mountain of one side lies Daangadh, Maangadh and Barsana and on the other side there is a part of Nandgaam. In the middle there is Saankdi Khor. It is reached via Vilasgadh. It is such a narrow road that only one person can pass at one time.



Premsarovar comes ahead of Pili Pokhar. This is a very big and beautiful lake. It is in an octagonal shape. Ghats are built on all the four sides. They too are big and beautiful. It is said that when Shri Thakorji and Gopis gathered here, first time divine love was born in their hearts for each other. The devotees of Vraj jad ties rakhi to Shri Thakorji after making him sit on a rasa chotra below the tree of Kadamb.

Shri Gusaiji’s Bethak:
There is Shri Gusaiji’s Bethak below the tree of Kadamb on the ghat of Premsarovar. Here, Shri Gusaiji had stayed for one month. He had written the commentary on Shri Krshnapremamrut here. He had made Govindswami do the darshan of Yugalswaroop here.

Sanketvan is 1.5 miles away on road from Premsarovar. There is a village called Gazipur. Sanketvan is a bit ahead from here. The name of the village is also Sanketvan. Sanket means signal or secret information. Here, Shri Thakorji and Shri Swaminiji used to meet secretly. Gopijanas had their marriage done here secretly. Brahmaji specially had come to get their marriage done. Thus, this village became famous by the name Sanketvan.

Shri Gusaiji’s Bethak:
In the backside of the temple near Sanketdevi, there is Shri Gusaiji’s Bethak. Here, Shri Gusaiji had done Bhagwat Parayan.

Shri Mahaprabhuji’s Bethak:
Here, on KrshnaKund there is Shri Mahaprabhuji’s Bethak. Kund is very big. Bethak is below the tree of Chokar on the ghat of the kund. The specialty of this bethak is that there is water of the kund below the Bethak. Bath in the kund can be taken from the Bethak itself.

Vivahkhel’s place:
Yugalswaroop fell in love at Premsarovar. Engagement took place in Barsana and marriage at Sanketvan. When the pilgrim comes to Sanketvan, marriage rasa is done. Shri Thakorji’s vargohoda is lifted from Shri Mahaprabhuji’s bethak and left on the site of rasa.