How to go to Batchgaam?
It is 4 miles away from Chandrasarovar. From Pethagaam, near Krshnakund there is a temple of Sakshigopal. Ahead from that is Batchgaam.



Regarding this village there is a story that Brahmaji had stolen the calves from Batchvan. Then god created similar calves from himself. Then he took the calves to their respective mother cows, on that the cows fed their calves milk with more love than usual. Shri Baldevji got a doubt on this & with his divine eyes saw that the calves were the form of Krshna only. He requested Shri Krshna to explain him about the situation, but Shri Krshna remained silent, so he insisted to reveal the story. Due to this there is an Advarokund here. On hearing the story, Shri Baldevji became angry on Brahmaji & decided to destroy Brahmalok. On this Shri Krshna took the form of Shri Ram & made Baldevji cool, therefore there is Ramkund here. Shri Krshna said that during Ramavataar some ladies of Janakpur wanted to be my brides & I had told them that their wish will be fulfilled during my Krshnavtaar. They have taken birth in the form of cows. Some women of Ayodhya wanted me as their son, I had promised them to fulfil their wishes in Krshnavtaar, and therefore they have taken birth in the form of cows & gopis. So you forgive Brahma.

Vraj bhaktas had bought Chaak for Shri Krshna here. Shri Krshna had Dhes in golden utensils here. Dhes is also known as rabdi. That’s why there is Rabdikund here. Gopis washed this utensil here that’s why it is also called Kanaksagar.

Sita sakhi used to stay in this village. To make true her manorath (wish) Shri Thakorji came to her Nikunj. Shri Krshna took the form of Shri Ram, & Baldevji took the form of Shri Laxman, carried bow & arrow & stood there. There was a devil named Halvasur in the court of Kans, he told that he would kill Krshna-Baldev as he himself could be killed only by Hanumanji who went to abode with Shri Ram. So there was nobody in this world who could kill him. Hearing this god called for Hanumanji & ordered him to kill Halvasur. Hanumanji killed Halvasur, god went to the Nikunj of Shri Sita sakhiji in the form of Shri Ram. He then gave her darshan in the form of Shri Krshna & took her as a sakhi in raas.


While going from Chandrasarovar to Anyor we come across Sankarshkund. One day Kumbhandas became weak from body, at that time he came & sat at Sankarshkund. Chaturbhujdasji told let me take you to Jamunavat. On this Shri Kumbhandasji told that I will leave my body in a few moments, so I don’t want to go anywhere. You do the darshan of aarti bhog & come back. Chaturbhujdasji went to do darshan at that time Shri Gusaiji asked about Shri Kumbhandasji & came to see him. Shri Kumbhandasji got divine darshan & sang padas, then he went abode. Here we find Kumbhandasji’s Shri Girirajjis door.