This village comes while going ahead from Shergadh on the banks of Shri Yamunaji, here there is Vilasvan.

Once when Shri Dauji came here with his devotees to perform Rasa, Shri Yamunaji told him that he is not the Adhipati to perform Rasa and that Shri Krshna is the Adhipati for the same, so it does not suit him. Hearing this, Dauji became very angry and he ran with a Hal and pulled the flow of Shri Yamunaji in the opposite direction. Since then the flow of Shri Yamunaji is seen tilted at this place. Here there is a darshan of Goredauji (swaroop of cow). Also here are darshan of Shri Kamleshwar Mahadevji.

Ahead from here in Viharvan, there is Viharkund. There on one chotra there is Shri Thakorji’s Bethak and a Gaushala. Going ahead from here we find Bhushanvan, Nivaranvan and Gunjavan. In Bhushanvan, the gopis had offered Shri Krshna shringar of flowers and Shri Thakorji too offered Shringaar to the gopis, then everyone came to Nivaranvan and removed the Shringaars. At this place we also find plenty of Nivar flowers. Because of these two reasons this place is called Nivaranvan.

There are many trees of Chanothi in Gunjavan. Gopijans had made the garland of the flowers of Gunja here, and offered the same to Shri Thakorji. Shri Balkrshnaji, third son of Shri Gusaiji, found his deity Shri Dwarkadhishji’s Swaminiji from this place only.

All these forests (vans) are separated by the flow of Shri Yamunaji.


Brahma Ghat:
Going ahead from here comes Brahma Ghat. Here Brahmaji had done tap to seek forgiveness for the sin that he had done towards God by kidnapping him.


Akshay Bat:
Going ahead from here we come across Akshay Bat. As ancient vad has dried up, a new one is sowed here. Here seven gopis had together offered Shringaar to Shri Krshna. Here Shri Thakorji had performed many divine sports (leela).

Going ahead from here we find Shri Radhaji’s temple in which Shaligraamji like Sfatik pearl are seated.


Places to visit at Chirghat:
Chirkadamb, Kaatyay goddess temple, Shri Chirbiharji’s temple and Shri Gusaiji’s Bethakji are situated here.


ShriGusaiji’s Bethakji:
Shri Gusaiji’s Bethakji are situated below the tree of Pipal. There is a well nearby to perform apras. Shri Gusaiji stayed here for three days, “Shringaarrasmandan” Grantha’s Vratcharya part was written here by him.