Dig Gaam:
Gatholi is two miles away from Jatipura. From there Tod no Ghano is two miles, going ahead around 2.5 miles is Dig Bahajgaam. Thus, there is a distance of total six miles. On the way from Tod’s Ghano to Bahajgaam comes Suryakund & Balbhadrakund. There is darshan of ShriDauji. We also find Revatikund there.

Dig Gaam is not considered in the border of Vraj. Therefore many times, pilgrims halt is taken at Bahajgaam rather than here.

Dig Gaam is not considered in the 84 Kos Parikrama. Its ancient name was Durgapur. The palaces of Dig are beautiful examples of architecture, Gopalbhuvan & Surajbhuvan are the two main palaces.

The emperors of Bharatpur were the followers of Pancham Pithadhishwar Shri Devkinandanlalji Maharaj. Once the emperor of Bharatpur had requested Maharajshri to come to Dig so that the place is also included in Vraj. At that time Maharajshri ordained that if he would do Pujan of tha ladis & Chaubajis, then he will come to Dig. The emperor did accordingly. Since then, this place is called Latthvan & halt of Vrajyatra is also done here since this incidence.


Budhebadri is one mile away from Alipur, it is near Karmuka village. Budhabadrinarayan temple is found here. It is said that when Shri Thakorji disappeared from Rasa, at that time Shri Radhashchariji tried to sit on the shoulder of Shri Thakorji & He disappeared again. Then he came to Badrinath & seated in the form of Budhe Badri.

Shri Thakorji had given the darshan of Shri Badrinathji here to Shri Nandbaba & Yashodaji.


From here approximately 1 mile away there is Uddhavkund, Narad Kund & Sugandhi Sheela. This place is called Haridwar.


160 steps have to be climbed to reach Kedarnath. There is a temple of Kedarnath Mahadevji.