Gange dughdamaye devi Bhagwanaamaansodbhave |
Namaha kaivalyupadhye mukti dehi mukti bhagini ||

How to go to Mansi Ganga (Goverdhan)?
Mansi Ganga is one mile away from Kusum Sarovar. A big village Goverdhan lies in the premises of Shri Girirajji.





Shri Mahaprabhuji’s Bethakji:
The ghat on which there is a Bethakji of Shri Mahaprabhuji is called Vallabh Ghat. Shri Mahaprabhuji’s Bethakji lies under the tree of Chokar. This ghat is also known as Chakratirth. There is Chakreshwar Mahadevji’s temple nearby. When Mahaprabhuji came here, he took bath in Mansi Ganga, then sat under the tree of Chhokar and did Bhagwat Parayan. Chakreshwar Mahadevji used to listen to that everyday. A sevak of Mahadevji always used to get his darshan. But when he did not get darshan for a few days he asked the whereabouts of Shri Mahadevji. To this Shri Mahadevji told him about Shri Mahaprabhuji.

Mahaprabhuji had stayed for one month over here. At that time a vaishnav Acharya from Bengal Shri Krshnachaitanya was also here. He came to meet Shri Mahaprabhuji. After exchanging greetings, he told Shri Mahaprabhuji that it was written in the Purans that Mansi Ganga is full of milk. He is regularly visiting Mansi Ganga from last six months with pure faith, once Shri Mansi Ganga came in his dreams and told that he would get the darshan when Shri Mahaprabhuji visits this place.

Then, Shri Mahaprabhuji took water in his hands and sprinkled it over the eyes of Shri Krshnachaitanyaji, himself and other sevaks. Everybody got divine eyes and got the darshan of Mansi Ganga full of milk.

Shri Krshnachaitanya told Shri Mahaprabhuji that in this kaliyug it is very important to take the name of God. At this Shri Mahaprabhuji told that he was not convinced by this but told that Kaliyug misguides beings and it is very necessary to remember God in each and every second. If even one second is missed then the being goes apart of God and becomes devilish. So in this illustration Shri Mahaprabhuji reflected the principle of taking Bhagwat naam.


Bhagwan Shri Krshna killed devil Vatsasur. Kansa had sent this devil; he took the form of a calf and got mixed up with the other calves of Shri Krshna. When God killed him at that time the gopas told that you have committed sin towards the cow. For that you will have to take bath in Shri Ganga. Shri Krshna agreed and told that he was ready to go to Haridwar for taking bath in Gangaji. At this the gopas told that they would not feel good to stay without him. They told him to come up with such a solution that he doesn’t have to leave Vraj and also do Gangasnaan. Then Gangaji evolved through the mind of God and that is Mansi Ganga. It is said that to take bath here is equal to taking bath in Shri Gangaji. The water of Mansi Ganga is liked very much by Shri Girirajji.