In old scriptures, Kotvan is called as Kotiban. Shri Krshna had made coat of lata-pata between this dense forest and done lila. So this place got it’s name Kotvan. According to a second story once Shri Yashodaji told Shri Krshna : Lala, I have heard that you perform Rasa with Gopis. Once, show me the dance too. Shri Krshna thought that the Gopis would not dance in front of Shri Yashodaji. So with the power of his wish, he made many chowks and showed Kotlila to Shri Yashodaji. That’s why this forest is called Kotvan. Here there are more trees of Chokar, Kadamb and Bordi. Here, there is Rasachotra and Shitalkund. Shri Yashodaji had come from Nangaam to see Krshna’s leela here and was exhausted. She felt cool after having bath in this kund. That’s why this kund is called Shital kund. On Shitalkund below the tree of Shyamatmaal there is a bethak of Shri Thakorji.

In the north of Kotvan village there is Suryakund. There Shri Yashodaji had seen crores of suns praising Shri Krshna. So this kund is called Suryakund.

Shri Gusaiji’s Bethak:
Near Shitalkund, below a tree of Chokar there is a behtakji of Shri Gusaiji. Here he had performed Bhagwat Parayan. Govindswami was also with him. One day at midnight Shri Gusaiji ordained Govindswami to tell him what lila was going at Kadambkhandi then. Shri Govindswami went there. Yugalswaroop was doing vihar there. Shri Thakorji in excitement broke the necklace of pearls of Shri Swaminiji. All the pearls were scattered on the ground. Shri Thakorji gathered all the pearls, made the necklace again and wore it to Shri Swaminiji. With the grace of Shri Gusaiji, Govindswami was able to have this divine darshan.