There are two ways to go from Vrindavan to Lohvan.

First way: Vrindavan to Maansarovar 3 miles, from there Mathura 8 miles, from there Lohvan 4 miles, thus total distance is 15 miles.

Second way: Vrindavan to Maansarovar 3 miles, Paanigaav quarter less than a mile, Divana 1 mile, Mavni quarter mile, Shahpur half mile and from there two and a half miles Lohvan, thus total distance being 9 miles.

By boat from Vrindavan to Keshighat and alighting on the opposite bank and then walking for three miles comes Maansarovar. It is a big, deep lake with cold and pure water. It is a peaceful place. Here, Shti Thakorji had intelligently broke the maan of Shri Thakorji. That’s why this place is called Maansarovar.Mahamaan’s place is situated here where there is a bethakji of Shri Radhikaji. Darshan of eyes (netra) are done here. Shri Radhikaji did Mahamaan and seated here. At that time, Shri Thakorji came to seek her with a sakhi (friend). Here, Shri Radhaji, placed her face on her hand between the lotuses and sat here with her eyes closed. As if moon is seated on the lotus.

Here, Maanbihariji’s darshan is at the temple in the east. At the fire corner of Shri Radhikaji’s Bethajkji, is Shri Mahaprabhuji’s Bethakji.




Shri Mahaprabhuji’s Bethak:
Here, Shri Mahaprabhuji had seated for three days and did Bhagwat Parayan. One daay at midnight, Shri Damodardasji awoke and was not able to do the darshan of Shri Mahaprabhuji so he was worried. In the meantime, Shri Mahaprabhuji appeared in the form of divine Purushottam. Damodardasji asked: Where had you been? Shri Mahaprabhuji then ordained: Today Swaminiji had done strong maan. I have pleased her and seated her near Thakorji.

Shri Gusaiji’s Bethak:
Shri Gusaiji’s Bethak is situated alongwith the Bethakji of Shri Mahaprabhuji. Once Shri Gusaiji was performing Sandhyavandan at Maansarovar. At that time a swan couple came there and started drinking water. Shri Gusaiji bestowed them with Naam mantra and made them vaishnav. This swan couple lived at Maansarovar. They used to crawl in the sand when vaishnavas came there for Vrajyatra. Once a paarghi took the form of a vaishnav and came there to catch them. Paarghi’s mind transformed and became pure as soon as their feathers touched his feet.He went to Gokul and became Shri Gusaiji’s sevak and continuously started reciting Ashtakshar mantra.


SunderSheela (Pujnisheela):
This Sheela is also known as Pujnisheela. Nearby there is a small Sheelakhand. That is Sundersheela with which Shri Krshna used to play.

Shri Mahaprabhuji’s Bethakji opposite Sundersheela:

There is Shri Mahaprabhuji’s Bethakji opposite the mukharvind of Shri Girirajji. When Shri Mahaprabhuji came here, he seated below a tree of Chokar. He had ordained his followers that we will celebrate the festivals of Diwali & Annakut here only. On the day of Annakut he offered bath of milk & Mansi Ganga’s water to Shri Girirajji & performed pooja & offered Bhog of Kunwara. He also offered 1.25 mans of rice’s annakut to Shrinathji. Then Shri Mahaprabhuji did Bhagwat Parayan here.

Once Shri Mahaprabhuji was resting in the lap of Shri Damodardasji. He had closed his eyes & was seeing the leela of Shri Thakorji. He did not know what was happening outside. At that time Shrinathji came there. Damodardasji heard the sound of nupur. Shri Damodardasji thought that Shri Mahaprabhujis sleep will be disturbed by hearing the sound of nupur so he signaled Shrinathji by his hand about the entire thing & requested not to come further. After some time Shri Mahaprabhuji woke up & saw Shrinathji standing at a distant place. He called him with affection, made him sit in his lap & asked as to why were he standing there. At that time, Shrinathji told him the whole story. On hearing this, Shri Mahaprabhuji became angry on Damodardasji but Shrinathji took the side of Damodardasji & told that he has done what a follower should do. Then he went away. Shri Mahaprabhuji then told Damodardasji that his feelings were good but you did Bhagwad apraadh so you you will get Bhagwad prapti after 10 births.

Shri Mahaprabhuji stayed here upto Prabodhini Ekadashi. Then he did parikrama of Shri Girirajji

It is situated two miles away in the south from Maansarovar. In the monsson, water gets accumulated here. That’s why this place is called Paanigaav. Here, sage Durvasa was performing tap. The gopis of Vraj sailed across the river Yamuna and had fed him.


LohvanLohvan Leela

Here, God had killed Lohasur, that’s why this place is called Lohvan. Brahma’s sons Sanat Kumar’s had done tap here. Lohasur’s cave, Lohkund, Krshnakup and Shri Gopinathji Thakorji’s darshan are situated here.

While going from Lohvan to Dauji and passing through Tarapur, Kishanpurand Khanpur on the way, comes Bandigaam. Anandkund is situated here. On the kund there is a small swaroop of Bandidevi and a bit bigger swaroop of Ananddevi situated in two different temples. These two goddesses were sisters at the time of Krshna avataar. They used to collect cow dung at Shri Nandraiji’s place and process them. They were very eager for the darshan of Shri Krshna. They used to get the darshan everyday as they used to process the cow dung. Being pleased by them Shri Thakorji graced them and told them that they will be worshipped as goddesses after passage of time.

Shri Dauji:
Baldev village is situated approximately 10 miles away from Lohvan, 14 miles from Mathura, 6 miles from Mahavan and 8 miles from Gokul. Its old name is Rindaa gaam. But vaishnavas know this place by the name Dauji. Shri Daanvihariji’s temple comes as soon as one enters the village. Ahead from here is Kshirsagar lake. On its bank there is a big Shri Baldevji’s temple. Darshan of Shri Baldevji and Revatiji are situated here.







It is situated near Shri Baldev village. Shri Nandraiji’s Bethakji is situated here. Shri Thakorji used to perform Bal – leela by sitting in the lap of Shri Nandraiji here.

Chintaharan Ghat:
Shri Yamunaji is seated here. There are temples of Chntaharan Mahadev and Chintaharanbihariji here. Shri Thakorji had rid worries of all this devotees here.

Brahmaand Ghat:
Once Shri Thakorji was playing with friends here. At that time the friends saw that he is eating sand. They went and told Yashodaji about the same. Yashodaji held the hand of Shri Krshna and asked: Lala, did you eat sand? Shri Thakorji said no. Mother said: Are your friends lying? Shri Thakorji said: See my mouth. Shri Thakorji opened his mouth. Gave darshan of the whole universe.

Shri Thakorji had eaten sand. Then too why did he lie that he had not eaten. Shri Mahaprabhuji has explained its reason in Shri Subodhiniji. Putana had sucked the lives of 16,000 children. Shri Thakorji had kept her in his heart by letting her breast-feed him. These children being in the company of Putana had developed demonic sense. This demonic sense did not disappear even by staying in Shri Thakorji’s heart. So Shri Thakorji thought that if my “bhakti rupi charnarvind’s ” (legs) relation if happens to these beings then only they will leave this sense. That’s why Shri Krshna took the sand in his charnarvind at Brahmaandghat and kept in his mouth and gave it to those 16,000 children in the form of charanamrut. In reality, God himself had not eaten the sand.

Brahmandghaat is built beautifully. Shri Yamunaji’s darshan are done beautifully here. The charnamrut of the sand here is famous as Brahmandghaat’s charnamrut.


Mahavan can be gone from Brahmaghaat. In BrahmaPuran, in Bruhadvan Mahatmya (importance), mahatmya of Mahavan is explained. There is a note of 21 places of Mahavan in it. Its main place is Gokul. But the Vrajvasis her refer to this place as old Gokul and also call it Nandraiji’s village. Here, many places of Shri Thakorji’s Bal-leela are shown. On one hill there is 84 pillar temple. It is also known as the palace of Nandraiji. In that there are Shri Nandraiji, Shri Yashodaji and Shri Krshna-Baldevji’s darshan. In 84 pillars Bal-leelas darshan are done.

Nearby there is a place for grazing calves, a place where nandraiji used to brush teeth, Nandkup, Shri Radha-Damodarji’s temple, Shri Nanraiji’s Thakorji, Shri Mathuranathji and Shri Dwarkanathji’s temple. There is a place called Putnakhar. Here, Shri Krshna had killed Putana. Putana was the form of ignorance (Avidya). By killing her, Shri Thakorji removed the avidya of the Vrajvasis.

There is a tekra of the cow dung of Nandraiji’s cows. Here, there is an ancient paraspimpro.It gets yellow flowers. Ahead from here, there is Khelanvan and well. Ahead from here there is Baldevji’s temple which is very ancient.

In Mahavan, one sevak of Shri Mahaprabhuji Kshatrani used to stay. She had got 4 swaroops from Shri Yamunaji. Govindswami, sevak of Shri Gusaiji used to regularly sit on the tekra and sing kirtans. Alikhan Pathan and his daughter Pirjaadi also used to stay at Mahavan and used to come to Gokul to hear the katha of Shri Gusaiji. Like Gokul, in Mahavan also there were many sevaks of Shri Mahaprabhuji and Shri Gusaiji.


While going from Mahavan to Gokul comes Ramanreti. Here, the sand is beautiful, smooth and shiny. Shri Thakorji used to bend on his knees and play here.



Ahead from Ramanreti comes Gopkuvo.


Shri Vallabhghaat:
Ahead from here towards Gokul comes Vallabh Ghat. Shri Gokulnathji, fourth son of Shri Vitthalnathji used to regularly come here to perform Sandhya Vandan. Gokulnathji’s sevaks of Bharuchi panth still stay here. The place where Shri Gokulnathji used to perform Sandhya vandan is extremely beautiful. On the Ghat there are two trees beautifully placed like the doors of the nikunj. On that place a Tulsi kyaaro has been made. it i extremely beautiful and divine.



Uttaleshwar Ghat:
Ahead from Shri Vallabhghaat comes Uttaleshwar Ghat.