Ways to go to Mathura:
Mathura is a big city on the southern bank of Shri Yamunaji situated between Delhi and Agra. It can be reached by train from Mumbai via Baroda. Similarly from Ahmedabad too it can be reached via Baroda. Mathura is a big railway junction. The nearest Airport is at Delhi. You can also come to Jaipur by Air and then by Road to Mathura. It is 600 kilometers away from Shri Nathdwara. It can also be reached from Ajmer, and Bharatpur.
Mathuras vaishnavas from the 84-252 vaishnavas:
In the time of Shri Mahaprabhuji and Shri Gusaiji, many vaishnavas used to stay at Mathura. Out of them there was a vaishnava who was financially not very sound. He used to offer roasted peas to his Thakorji and used to distribute the prasad in the evening to vaishnavas in the Bhagwad group (Mandali). A rich man used to come there. He used to take the prasad of peas but used to keep it on the floor. In that group Mahadevji used to come in the form of a vaishnava. He used to collect the peas left behind by the rich man on the floor.

One vaishnav from Mathura bought a crate of mangoes in summer. He cut those mangoes and offered it to Shri Thakorji. At that time Shri Thakorji ordained that he has been offered these mangoes by Shri Kumbhandasji at Govindkund. Shri Thakorji explained that whatever his devotee offers him, he accepts it with pleasure.

At Mathura a Sanodia Brahmin named Kaviraj Bhaat met Shri Mahaprabhuji at Vishramghaat. He asked a question: Who is greater goddess or Mahadevji? Shri Mahaprabhuji replied: According to scriptures Shri Thakorji is greatest. Then he asked: Why Thakorji is great? To this Mahaprabhuji replied: Mahadevji was attracted when God took the form of Mohini

Narayandas Bhaat used to stay in Mathura. He did not know how to compose a poem despite being a bhaat. He used to just sit at Vishram Ghaat. Once he did Shri Mahaprabhujis darshan at Vishramghaat and asked: Why am I such a fool? Will I get wealth or no? Shri Mahaprabhuji replied: It is good that you dont know how to write poems. Otherwise you would have always been behind rich people. Wealth is not in your fate. If God does not give you wealth then even that is his grace. This Narayandas also became the disciple of Shri Mahaprabhuji.

Many vaishnavas like this were in Mathura. One should remember these vaishnavas and bow down when at Vishramghaat.

Pushtimargiya temples in Mathura:

  1. Shri Dwarkadhishji’s temple:
    This temple was also known as Shri Rajadhiraaj’s temple. It is located in the market near Vishramghaat in Mathura city.
  2. Shri Dauji-Madanmohanji’s temple:
    This temple of Shri Gopallalji Maharajshri is located on Bengali Ghaat.
  3. Shri Chhote Madanmohanji’s temple:
    This temple too is located on Bengali Ghaat near Shri Dauji-Madanmohanji’s temple. It is on Shri Vrajramanlalji Maharaj. Shri Madanmohanji Swaminiji are seated here who were the sevya swaroop of Kanojia Brahmin, a disciple of Shri Gusaiji.
  4. Shrinathji’s temple:
    This temple beautifully carved by stones is located in Manekchowk.
  5. Shri Goverdhannathji’s temple:
    This temple is located near Vishramghaat and Satiburj.
  6. Shri Goverdhannathji’s second temple:
    This temple with beautiful architecture is located on Swamighaat.
  7. Satadhara (Shrinathji’s Charanchowki):
    This huge building was built and gifted by Durgavatiji, Queen of Gadha in V.S. 1623 to Shri Gusaiji when he left Adel forever. Seven houses for the seven sons of Shri Gusaiji were there. Seven houses (Saat Ghar) was abbreviated by the name “Satghara”. On 1623 Maha Vad 7, Shrinathji came here along with Shri Giridharji from Shri Girirajji. At that time the family of Shri Gusaiji had made him play Holi Khel. Shrinathji had been there upto Vaishakh Sud 14. Thus there is Shrinathjis charanchowki here.

Other places to visit at Mathura:

  1. Ashtachhaap Bhagwadiya Shri Chhitswamiji’s Gruha Mandir is located near Shyamghaat.
  2. Shri Yaminaji’s temple: It is made up of stones on Vishram Ghaat. There is very big importance to have its darshan on the day of Bhaibij.
  3. Shri Keshavdevji’s temple (Shri Krshna’s birth place):It is one of the most ancient and pure places in Mathura. In the age of Kaali, there were prisons of Kansa here where Shri Krshna was born. The grandson of Shri Krshna, Vrajnabhji had made the first temple here and seated the swaroop of Shri Keshavdevji. When Shri Gusaiji used to be at Mathura, he used to go and have the darshan of Shri Keshavdevji everyday. Shri Mahaprabhujis disciple Govinddas Bhalla also had performed seva of Shri Keshavraiji.
  4. Potrakund: It is near the birth place of Shri Krshna. This is a spectacular square Kund.
  5. Sati Burj: This 55 foot tall Chokhando stup is near Prayag Ghaat.
  6. Kansa’s Fort: It is located in the north of Swamighaat on the banks of Shri Yamuna.
  7. Museum: It is one of the world famous museums. It is located in Compicher Park. It has some of the most historical evidences of Mathura which are worth seeing.
  8. Ambarish Tila: Going ahead from Krshna Ganga Ghaat we come across the tila of King Ambarish.
  9. Sage Durvasa’s Ashram: It is on the opposite bank of Shri Yamunaji.

Mathura’s Parikrama:

  1. A Panchkoshi parikrama of Mathura is done on Agiyaras, Punam and Amaas of every month.
  2. Its parikrama is also done along with the Parikrama of Vrindavan on Kartak Sud 9.

Shri Yamunaji’s Ghaats in Mathura:

  1. Vishram Ghaat
  2. Bengali Ghaat
  3. Ram Ghaat
  4. Shyam Ghaat
  5. Prayag Ghaat
  6. Swami Ghaat
  7. Dhruv Ghaat
  8. Krshnaganga Ghaat
  9. Saraswati Sangam Ghaat