Pai Gaam

Bukhrari is quarter to four miles away from Sheshshaayi. From here Pai Gaam is three miles away. Thus Total is quarter to six miles. Once Shri Krshna was playing with his friends at Khelnavan. At that time Krshna became very hungry. So his friends milked the cow and offered it to Shri Krshna. Thus this village is called “Pai Gaam”

Some milk spilled down while Shri Krshna was having it. Pai Sarovar was made out of it. Here there is a beautiful Kadamkhandi. This lake is between the trees. There are two kunds named Gopalkund and Gopikund. There is Shri Radharamanji’s temple on Gopalkund and in the village there are temples of Shri Chaturbhujji.and Shri Dauji. This is the birth place of Chaturanaga.

This village lies in between while going from Kosi to Pai Gaam. Here on Fagun Sud Poonam a huge fair of Holika Dahan is organized. Many people come to see this.