Petha Gaam

How to go to Petha Gaam?
Petha Gaam is 1.25 miles away from Chandrasarovar. On the way comes, Mohkund, Narayan Sarovar, Laxmikup and Gopalkund. There are temples of Chaturbhuj Srinathji and PethBihariji in this village. Ethakadamb is also there.


Once, when Shri Krshna came here to graze cows, Brahma kidnapped the cows and gopas. After some days Bramhaji came to check near Mohkund and saw new Gopas and cows with Shri Krshna. All of them were looking like Krshna only. Seeing this Bramhaji was fascinated. Hence this kund is called Mohkund.

When Indra became very angry on Vraj and started heavy rains, at that time Shri Krshna lifted mountain Giriraj on his little finger and appealed to the Vrajvasis to come in shelter of Shri Giriraj. Hence the name of this village is Pethogaam.

There is one more reason as to why this village is called Pethogaam:

God disappeared from Raas. At that time, gopis searched him. He was in Chaturbhuj (four hands) form. But he had to congest two hands to reach Radhaji. Hence the name is Pethogaam.