Puchri comes ahead of Govindkund. Beautiful kunj-nikunj are there on the way to Puchri. It is said that there are different kandras of Shri Girirajji there. During monsoons, Shri Thakorji used to sit there & see cows & rested with Shri Swaminiji in the kunj-nikunj inside the kandras.










Once Shri Chaturbhujdasji came here to pick flowers for making Malaji for Shrinathji. At that time in early morning he saw the divine couple coming out of the kandra.

It is also said that Shri Gusaiji went to Nityaleela with ownself alongwith Shri Govindswami from this kandra. There are signs of Boond (drop of water) in Shri Girirajji’s Sheela.