Radha Krshna Kund

Ado Snanam to radhayaha kunde sarvarthdayakam |
Tatastu Krshnakunde tu sarva paap pranaashanam ||
Bimlao sarva paapdanou Brahmahatya vidyatakao |
Vrush hatyadi papanaam pranshayanti prabhavataha ||
Dhandhanya sutotpatishviray sukhmapnuyaat |

How to go to Radhakund?

While going from Ading to Neher comes Radhakund. 2.5 miles away on the road, there is a village called Mukhrai. Radhakrshnakund is 1.25 miles away from here. It is 13 miles away from Mathura.


Shri Mahaprabhuji’s Bethakji:
When Shri Mahaprabhuji visited this place, he took bath in Radhakrshnakund, sat under the tree of Chhokar and did Shri Bhagwat Parayan for one month. Then one day Shri Mahaprabhuji got the darshan of Yugal swaroop on the tip of Shri Girirajji. Vaishnavas who had accompanied Shri Mahaprabhuji were waiting for him at the Kund. Mahaprabhuji returned on the third day. At that time these vaishnavas were unconscious. Then Shri Mahaprabhuji sprinkled water on the vaishnavas and shared his experience as to how he got the darshan of the Yugalswaroop. At this, the vaishnavas requested that even they wanted to have the darshan of the Yugal Swaroop. Shri Mahaprabhuji then gave them the darshan at the tip of Shri Girirajji.


Sandhya Vandan Bethakji of Shri Mahaprabhuji:

Shri Mahaprabhuji resided here for one month and performed Trikaalsandhya everyday.


Shri Krshna had killed Arishtasur in Ading. He had taken the form of buffalo. On this incident Swaminiji along with other Gopas told Shri Krshna that you have killed a cow. So to get rid of the sins you will have to do pilgrimage. Then Shri Krshna made a Kund from his Venu (flute) in the place of Radha Krshna Kund. Then nearby Swaminiji made a kund from her nail. The kund that ShriThakorji made is known as Krshnakund and the one Shri Swaminiji made is known as Radha Kund. Krshnakund is zigzag in shape as “Giridhar sab hi ang ko banko”. Radhakund is square because Swaminiji is simple and straightforward. Both these kunds seem to be separate from top but are one from inside. This is to show that although Shri Thakorji and Swaminiji give darshans in separate forms, they are one from inside.

ShriKrshna with his divine powers called 108 pilgrims at this place and took bath here. This bath took place on Aso vad Atham. Even today on this day many people come here to take bath. If a person takes bath here on this day then he is blessed of taking bath in all the holy rivers of India.