This village is situated at two miles in the east from Chandanvan. In its north is BUkhrari lake. It is also known as Gwaalkund. In the eastern side of the village are Lohankund and the darshan of Lohanbihariji. Here Shri krshna had rolled in the tower of cows. Thus this place is called Bukhrari.


Going ahead from Bukhrari comes Badhaghat. Here the serpent Kaliyanaag had entangles himself around the body of Shri krshna. Then Shri Krshna pressed his tail and incresed the size of his body. At this point, Kaliyanaag’s body parts started to loosen and break. He left Shri Krshna. Here God incresed ths size of his body, so this place is called Badhaghat.

Two miles away from here is a village called Ujhaani. Upto this place the poison of the serpent Kaliyanaag was throwing flames in the flow of Shri Yamunaji. Due to this, flying birds used to fall down and die. Here cows and cowherders had left their bodies by drinking its water.

One mile away from here are Lalanvan and Khelanvan.


If one does not want to come from Badhaghat then this place can also be reached from Huseni and Vasai village. Once, when Shri Krshna sat below a kadamb tree here, the gopis had offered him red colour Shringaar and ornaments. Shri Krshna stood on the tree and played his flute which astonished the animals and birds. Here the gopis addressed (called) Shri Krshna by the name “lalan”, so this place is called Lalanvan.


Khelanvan comes after Lalanvan. Shri Thakorji used to perform many sports when he used to come here for grazing cows. Thus this place is called Khelanvan. Once with the order of Yashodaji one gopi took buttermilk to feed Krshna. With the wish of offering buttermilk to Shri Krshna she went on walking and forgot the way. She started calling “Shyam Shyam”. Then Shri Krshna climbed up a tree and started playing his flute. Hearing the sound of the flute, the gopi started walking in the direction of the sound and came near Krshna. Krshna asked her: “What have you brought for me?”. Gopi replied: “I have brought some buttermilk for you”. Shri Krshna told: “My mother has sent this buttermilk, what have you brought of your own for me.” To this gopi replied: “I have brought my everything for you. ” Shri Krshna was impressed by the gopi. Then he took her to a lone place and fulfilled all her wishes. Then he went to drop her so that she does not forget the way.


It is the village of a famous cowherd named Shergadh. Here Shri Dauji had worn a sahera (kind of traditional hat) while performing rasa. Thus this place is called Shergadh. This place is called Shergadh for one more reson that once gopis had offered the Shringaar of sahera to Shri Krshna here and also offered him recipes made from different samagris. There are temples of Shri Dauji, SHri Dharmaraiji, Shri Gopinathji, Shri Radharamanji, Shri Madanmohanji, Shri RadhaKrshna and Shri SakshiGopalji in the village. Outside the village there are two kunds namely Balbhadrakund and Radhakund.

Tripurdas Kayastha, a disciple of Shri Mahaprabhuji was from this village. He never used to sit or stand up showing his back to Shrinathji. He did not use to drink water or have food without taking the charnodak  or mahaprasad of Shrinathji.

Once Shri Mahaprabhuji found an ancient¬† swaroop of Shri Thakorji from a village called Kada in Adel. That swaroop was worshipped by the villagers as Godess Kalyani. Shri Mahaprabhuji bestowed the swaroop at his disciples Baba Venu Krshnadas and Yadavdas’s place. The swaroop got the name Kalyanraiji which Shri Gusaiji seated with his sixth son Shri Yadunathji. This swaroop was seated for many years at Shergadh.

This is the native place of Veerbaai, the mother of Damodardasji, a disciple of Shri Mahaprabhuji. She performed seva of her deity Shri Kapurraiji even when she was pregnant.