Distance between Kotvan to Sheshshyaai is about quarter to six miles.


Chamelivan is also known as Bhulanvan. Here there is a Bhulvano village. Coming out of Kotvan village, walking on the railway tracks comes this forest. Here there are high chances of getting lost because of the dense trees. This kind of beauty is at very less places in entiure Vraj. It seems that the branches are swinging on many of the trees.

Here there is Chamelikund, Shyamkund, Laxmikund, Ramkund, Laxmankund, Hanumankund, Gopalkund, Rasakund etc. There are many monkeys in this forest.

Going ahead comes a village called Hatno. Kaamdevji was feeling low here. So this place is called Hat. Here there are Ratikund and Hariharkund. Going ahead from here comes a big flow of Shri Yamunaji. There is a Sheshnaayi pool above that. Going across the pool comes Sheshshaayi village.


Here, there is a big kund called Kshirsagar. A big temple of Sheshshaayi is on the bank. Many people call it the temple of Laxminarayan also. In that God is slept on Shesh snake with Shankh, chakra, gada and padma. Laxmiji is doing charan seva. Brahmaji is created from the lotus navel. This type of darshan is done here.

Once the Vrajvasis requested Shri krshna: Shri Laxminarayan are seated at Kshirsagar. Please have us their darshan. At that time Shri Baldevji took the form of Shesh Snake. On him, Shri Krshna took the form of Chaturbhuj and slept on him with Shankh, chakra (wheel), gada and padma. Taking the form of Laxmi Shri Swaminiji started doing charan seva. God created Brahmaji from the lotus navel.

Having such a darshan, Vrajvasis offered saffron paste to Shri Thakorji’s body and a bhog of Khir. Then they requested that they do not want to do this darshan for a long time and requested him to show Vrajlilas darshan.


Ancient name of Kosi is Kushasthali. Kosi is Vraj’s Dwarkapuri. Here there are Ratnakarkund, Mayakund, Vishakhakund and Gomtikund. There is a big lake near Gomtikund. On its beautiful bank are seated Shri Girirajji.