While going from Puchris Lotha to Jatipura comes Surbhi Kund. This place got its name because of the name of the Surbhi cow who had come along with Indra from heaven. There is a door of Shri Parmananddasji here. On Shri Girirajji opposite Surbhikund there are darshan of Shri Dhuka Dauji. When Shri Dauji used to be here, at that time he used to keep his face down & hide here in the mountain. Shri Thakorji used to hide here & do the darshan of leela (divine sport). In this way he got the name Dhuka Dauji. From this temple, there are 14 kandras in Shri Girirajji. Here, Shri Tahkorji used to sit & play with friends while grazing cows.

Near Surbhikund there is an ancient temple of Shri Balkrshnalalji which is in terrific bad state.


Govindswami’s Kadambdi:
Nearby there is a kadambdi of Shri Govindswami. This is a place of swinging Shri Thakorji’s Hindora. Govindswami used to stay in a hut here. This is his Leela Dwaar. Here, Shrinathji used to play with Govindswami. Shrinathji had performed Rasaleela here along with Ramdas of Khambhat.

After Indras fear was over, Vrajvaasis had done Puja of Shri Thakorji here. There is a cave of Shri Govindswamis Samadhi in the kadambdi but nobody can enter that place. Here, there is also a temple of Shri Govindbihariji. There is a Rasa chotra & Govindswamis Bethak also at this place.