Atha Talvanam devi dvitiyam Vanbhutvanam|
Yatra Snato naro bhaktya krutkrutyoho prajayate||


How to go to Taalvan?
While going from Madhuvan to Kumudvan, Taalvan is situated at 2.5 miles from Madhuvan. Out of the twelve vans of Vraj, Taalvan is the second.


Taalvan Mahatmya:
Out of the twelve vans of Vraj, Taalvan is the second. In very ancient times, this was a very big van full of ‘Taad Vruksh’ (trees of taad). Thus its name was ‘Taalvan’. During Krshnavtaar, a devil named Dhenukasur used to stay in the form of donkey along with his fellow mates. Kansa had planted him to kill Krshna. Plenty of ripe & beautiful fruits grew on the trees of Taad in Taalvan. But Dhenukasur did not allow anyone to eat those fruits. Those fruits were of no use to Dhenukasur. If he ate those fruits then he would certainly die. But he did not give that thing to others which was of no use to him. Because of his fear, no birds or animals used to go in Taalvan.

Once, Shri Krshna & Balram went there while grazing their calves. The gopas saw the fruits of Taad. They felt like eating them. They requested Krshna as they were afraid of Dhenukasur. Balramji told gopas not to worry. All of them dropped the fruits by shaking the trees. Hearing the noise, Dhenukasur rushed to the site. He kicked Balramji on his chest with his rear legs. Balramji is the manifestation of Dharma means Veda & therefore he tolerated his strokes. But Dhenukasur did not stop. He again rushed to hit Balramji. But this time, Balramji caught both his legs & threw him in the air, thereby hitting him to a tree. On getting the jerk, all the nearby trees fell down. At that time, Dhenukasurs mates came. Seeing this Shri Krshna & Balram stood individually in front of each & every Gopa (thereby taking many swaroops). They killed 100 devils & made their friends eat those beautiful fruits. Bhagwan Shri Krshna did this by entering in the swaroop of Dauji.