Mathuramandalam sakshanmandiram mi paratparam |
Loktriyatparam divyam pralayapi na sankatam||

Evolution of the name ‘Vishram Ghat’

Shri Yamunaji flows in Mathura. There are almost 24 ghats on the banks of Shri Yamunaji. Vishram Ghat is the main amongst them. There are two reasons as to why it is called ‘Vishram Ghat’:

When Shri Yamumanji came from Golok to Vraj from above the Kalinda mountain, she took rest over here as Mathura was the entrance to Vraj. Thus its name was kept ‘Vishram Ghat’. After killing Kansa, Bhagwan Shri Krshna along with Shri Balramji came here and after taking bath in Shri Yamunaji, rested at this place. On this ghat, there is a mandir where Shri Balramji and Shri Krshna sat. Thus its name is called ‘Vishram Ghat’.


Visit of Shri Mahaprabhuji:
When Shri Mahaprabhuji visited Mathura at the age of 14, the Muslim subas had planted an enchanted machine on the entrance gate of Mathura by which the braided hair (chotlis) of the Hindus would be cut and Muslim beard would grow on their face. Thus Hindus were converted into Muslims forcibly. Mahaprabhuji entered from that gate along with a Chaubaji named Ujagar and other villagers. Due to his majesty, no ones chotlis were cut nor any beards grew on their faces. Shri Mahaprabhuji removed that machine from that place. Then after sitting at Vishram Ghat, He recited Shrimad Bhagwat to Shri Yamunaji. Today, there is a bethakji of Shri Mahaprabhuji at that place. The chaubas of Mathura have occupied that place for donations. As a result, the seva prakar is not taking place as per Sampradaya, but vaishnavas fill Zarijis and offer Bhog there. Shri Mahaprabhuji rested there and therefore it is Vishram Ghat for us.


When Shri Krshna left from Mathura forever & came to Dwarka, then before leaving Vraj, he kept his flute & crown there. Shringar is done in the evenings there. This place is known as ‘Mandal’.

In ancient times, this Ghat was made up of stones. Right now it is made up of marble. There is a big ornamental arch (toran) made up of stones while climbing the steps from Shri Yamunaji to the Ghat. It is said that, Nrusinhdevji, the king of Odchha , who came to Madhya Pradesh, gave donation equal to his own weight & gave 81 Mans gold to the Brahmins. Similarly, the king of Kashi, also gave 1.75 Mans & one sher of donations here. The king of Jaipur gave seven retals of silver here.

Two bells hang on the ornamental arch of stones Shri Yamunaji’s aarti is performed everyday in the morning & evening. At that time, those bells are rung. There is a place of marble in the middle of the Ghat for performing aarti on which Chaubaji stands to perform aarti. There is a place for the tourists to sit on all the three sides. Even Chaubajis sit there & perform the rituals. All Chaubajis have equal rights to take donations on this Ghat.

There is a mandir of Shri Yamunaji on the Ghat. There is a mandir of Shri Kashi Vishwanath near the Ghat. It is said that during the birth of Shri Krshna, after taking his darshan, Shri Mahadevji rested there.